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From Erik de Bruin <e...@ixsoftware.nl>
Subject Re: And with svn commit: r1234192...
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2012 16:13:24 GMT
> An easy solution is to just create a 11.1 folder and copy the
> playerglobal.swc there.
> I assume this is a build issue as in flex-config.xml you can see
>   <target-player>11.1</target-player>
> However, in the build_framework.xml it says
>    <property name="playerglobal.version" value="11.0"/>

Exactly. I renamed the existing 11.0 folder to 11.1, and that works,
the project builds and plays in the browser!

You have very sharp eyes, and I'm almost embarrassed I didn't catch
that myself. I guess the whole process is a bit daunting, which makes
it easy to overlook the obvious stuff. Thank you!

I am writing all this down, so other newbies might experience a bit
shallower learning curve ;-)


Ix Multimedia Software

Jan Luykenstraat 27
3521 VB Utrecht

T. 06-51952295
I. www.ixsoftware.nl

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