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From Omar Gonzalez <omarg.develo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] ApacheFlex Versioning (was Re: A newbie's guide to building the SDK (and a question))
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 07:48:16 GMT
On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 9:40 PM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:

> On 1/22/12 7:11 AM, "Michael Schmalle" <mike@teotigraphix.com> wrote:
> > Does anyone have any idea why Alex suggested years? Was there a reason?
> >
> > I am in agreement as well with what Omar stated, just curious why Alex
> > would deviate from what most developers were expecting.
> Because Omar wants to somehow reserve version numbers that Adobe will use.
> I do not want to fight that battle right now, if ever.

Well I wasn't trying to suggest that we would negotiate, or have Adobe try
to reserve certain version numbers. I was just saying let's not use any
version numbers ourselves in the 4.6.x space. That would be under the
assumption that when Adobe stated that 4.6 would be their final release
that they truly meant it, and I don't think we have any reason to think
they didn't. So in the case they did decide that had to fix some crucial
bug I would naturally expect them to name the release 4.6.1, or 4.6.2 or
something along those lines. However, if Adobe did decide for some reason
that they would release a 4.7, then there are a few things to point out
here. 1.) It would be named Adobe Flex 4.7. 2.) If they're donating the
name for us to use, and Apache will only accept the name if its under full
control of Apache, then I wouldn't worry about Adobe releasing a version of
the SDK named Adobe Flex XX.XX.XX, right? Maybe I'm opening a whole new can
of worms we shouldn't even think about at this point?

> So I'd recommend a significant jump in version numbers to get some
> separation and reduce confusion.

> I think it is also a gamble to have two branches and call one of them 5.  I
> would think if we do enough adds of new components to 4.x without a major
> architecture it could still warrant a 5.  That's what we were going to do
> at
> Adobe.

Well here I wasn't necessarily saying we had to or should have a branch
named 5, I was just saying that if we got to a point where we decided to
completely change the Spark architecture, or added significant API breaking
or new changes that we could then consider that as a release that could be
named Apache Flex 5. I think for the immediate future we need to have our
eyes set on Apache Flex 4.7.0, or whatever ends up being the first number
we use for the first release.

> I agree with all the negatives of using years though.  I'm not sure there
> is
> a great solution.  Seems like our choices are:
> Use 4.7 and gamble on Adobe future release version names.
> Use years.
> Use a big version jump 10?  100? 1000?
> So to be clear, if you want to see Omar's proposal, remove the clause about
> having Adobe reserve names and replace it with a gamble that they will.
>  And

if that's good enough for the majority of you, then that's what we'll do.
> I'm fine with gambling on Adobe's version future.  I really don't see
> anything significant coming out of Adobe related to Flex.

> --
> Alex Harui
> Flex SDK Team
> Adobe Systems, Inc.
> http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui
Yea that's kind of what I meant. I don't really want to add any more
dependencies on Adobe at all in any manner. It's just kind of like saying,
well Adobe _might_ release a 4.6.1 for X reason so lets skip those numbers
and go to the next being 4.7. We could also decide that the "big version
jump" is just moving to 5, and saying Apache Flex 5 is our first release.
We can make it even more clear by making a simple graphic, once we have the
vote on the logo finalized, showing up to which version Adobe was at the
helm, and where it became an Apache project.


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