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From Iwo Banaś <banas....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: AS3 Enhancements: method overloading. Why do people want this?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 22:03:39 GMT
On 16 January 2012 15:22, Martin Heidegger <mh@leichtgewicht.at> wrote:
> interface IContext {
>  function get robotlegs_core_destroyed(): Boolean;
> }
> because some other interface might have another getter for "destroyed" of
> which the robotlegs team
> doesn't know in advance.

Method overloading is not a silver bullet and it will definitely not
solve the naming conflicts of no-arguments methods (like the
destroyed() getter). If your class is implementing two interfaces with
conflicting method names it's probably trying to do too much.


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