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From Ted Patrick <ted.patr...@extjs.com>
Subject Re: Webinar: Moving from Adobe Flex to HTML5 and Sencha
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 04:38:40 GMT
Hello Apache Flex. My name is Ted Patrick, I run developer relations
at Sencha and formerly worked at Adobe on Flex as an evangelist and
have used Flash since it was FutureSplash and Flex since 1.5.

I thought I might clarify some things...

We launched a marketing campaign to talk to Flex developers about
exploring Sencha frameworks for HTML5 application development. Prior
to my joining Sencha, a document was created to compare Flex vs ExtJS.
The document was written 6 months ago and contains inaccuracies in
time and author perspective. Yesterday Jeffrey pointed out the PDF to
me on twitter and highlighted some inaccuracies. Rather than have an
inaccurate document create confusion, defensiveness, and conspiracy
theories, I had the document removed. I am rewriting the document from
scratch to be launched during the webinar.

I have a deep respect for Flex, it is great technology. Flex brought
me great personal success and I am a better software developer for
knowing and evolving with it. (End of sentence)

Within the upcoming webinar (
) and throughout our campaign you will not hear me (or anyone else at
Sencha) say one negative thing about Flex. We will be focused on
exposing Sencha's frameworks to Flex developers looking to embrace
HTML5 for applications. Simple as that.

If you have any questions or complains, please reach out to me
directly at ted.patrick@sencha.com.

My only ask is... Please stay laser focused on making Apache Flex kick ass.


Ted Patrick
Developer Relations

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