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From Raju Bitter <rajubit...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: my suggestions
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2012 16:12:12 GMT
2012/1/10 Csomák Gábor <csomakk@gmail.com>:
> sorry for starting a flame war.
You didn't start a flame war. :-)

> i just meant, that if flash really dies
> (what is the purpose of the media), flex also. recreating it in javascript
> is not an option.
Have you seen the Falcon JS demos in the Flex Summit video?
Adobe has basic cross-compilation of simple demo apps from
ActionScript to JavaScript working, but they call the feature
"experimental". Skip ahead to 10 min into the presentation to see the

> i meant we need to show, that there is place for both flash and html5. the
> two things is completely different. html5 has a canvas tag. so what? flash
> has a webview component.
> but if the people hear every day that flash is dead, they won't pay for a
> flash ria, even if it would be faster, better, cheaper.  please don't take
> it as an offense, i'm not fighting, it was my toughs. I'm young, so i can be
> wrong :)
You are not wrong. Flash is a solid technology, although it seems that
it's difficult to innovate the Flash Player as quickly as JavaScript
VMs at the moment. Which maybe has to do with the quite amazing
feature, that you can take SWF files which were created 7-8 years ago
and still run them in Flash Player for Android.

Quoting the Adobe Flex Team blog: "In the long-term, we believe HTML5
will be the best technology for enterprise application development."

So where will Flex be in the long-term? If you want to deploy
applications written in ActionScript cross-compiled into JavaScript in
1-2 years from now, you might just want to start thinking about how
you could achieve that now.

I know enough "enterprise" applications written in JavaScript. Take
Google Apps, works very well for me - in a range of browsers and
across operating systems. Sure, Google has invested a lot of money
into creating enterprise-level JavaScript technology stacks (Google
Closure Tools http://code.google.com/closure/), but other companies
have been equally successful doing it. I don't think it's true that
you cannot build enterprise applications running in the browser using
JavaScript - but you have to be careful in selecting the right tools.

And Apache Flex could be such a technology - maybe not in 6 months
from now, but in 12-15 months.


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