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From Frédéric Thomas <webdoubl...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: A newbie's guide to building the SDK (and a question)
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2012 10:35:56 GMT

Due to my bad mailer and some erratum, I post here a corrected and clearer 
version, I hope.

I just built and installed the current ApacheFlex SDK in my Maven Local 
Repository on Windows 7, here are the instructions to reproduce.

(Note : I was able to successfully run it against a modular Java/Flex 
application using FlexBuilder 4.6 and Maven 3.0.3.The convention for the 
version has not been established yet, some have been proposed, I gonna 
follow one of them '2012.0.1')

It's based on the Erik instructions from the previous post with some 
adaptations and the Conrad blog post at http://www.dz015.com/?p=346 for 

I assume these softwares are installed and well configured:

- The Subversion software of your choice (I use TortoiseSVN)

- Java: 1.6.0_25-b06, but I guess you can use the one you like >= 1.5

- Ant: I used the 1.8.2 (http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi).- 7-zip 
(http://www.7-zip.org/)- vanilla Flash Builder 4.6

And then :

- Open Source Flex SDK. I downloaded it from 
http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Download+Flex+4.6 and 
unpackaged it to 'ApacheFlexSDK/2012.0.1' in the temporary folder of your 

- copy "flexTasks.JAR" from 'ApacheFlexSDK/2012.0.1/ant/lib' to the 'libs' 
folder of your 'apache-ant-1.8.2' instalation folder.

- copy the content of this file 

to 'ApacheFlexSDK/apache_flex_2012.0.1.compiler.descriptors.xml'

- copy the content of this file 

to 'ApacheFlexSDK/apache_flex_2012.0.1.framework.descriptors.xml'

On to the configuration:

- environment variables (run 

- click on 'Environment variables...' and under 'System variables'

# Flex SDK build variables

add: FLEX_HOME=pathToYour\ApacheFlexSDK\2012.0.1

# bin directory of Flex SDK

In the 'path' variable add '%FLEX_SDK%/bin'

- empty the 'ApacheFlexSDK\2012.0.1\frameworks' folder except the 
'frameworks\locale' and the 'frameworks\libs\automation'

Get the source:

- grab a working copy of the 
and put it in your local (just emptied) 'frameworks' folder, accept the 
replacememnt of files if asked.

Now for the fun part:

- open a DOS Console as Administrator, cd to the 'ApacheFlexSDK\2012.0.1' 
folder and enter the followingcommand: "ant -f build_framework.xml". This 
will download some thirdparty code (this takes a couple of minutes) and then 
builds the SDK.When done, you see the lovely words "BUILD SUCCESSFUL".

- rename 'ApacheFlexSDK/2012.0.1/frameworks/libs/player/11.0' 
to'ApacheFlexSDK/2012.0.1/frameworks/libs/player/11.1' (yes, from 11.0 to 
11.1, in short).

- remove the 'ApacheFlexSDK\2012.0.1\frameworks\svn' folder

- copy 'ApacheFlexSDK\2012.0.1' to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash 
Builder 4.6\sdks\2012.0.1'

- Go into the Flash Builder preferences and add the new SDK, you can even 
create a project to play with and check it works (thank you to report in 
case it doesn't).

The Maven part :

- Create an empty zip file in 'ApacheFlexSDK\2012.0.1' and rename it 
'empty.swc'- Zip with 7-zip the content of 'ApacheFlexSDK\2012.0.1\' to 

- in 'ApacheFlexSDK/apache_flex_2012.0.1.framework.descriptors.xml' :

change '<version></version>' to 

change '<classifier>11</classifier>' to '<classifier>11.1</classifier>'

change '<location>frameworks/libs/player/11.0/playerglobal.swc</location>' 
to '<location>frameworks/libs/player/11.1/playerglobal.swc</location>'

- in 'ApacheFlexSDK/apache_flex_2012.0.1.compiler.descriptors.xml' :change 
'<version></version>' to 

- in the previously opened DOS Console, in 'ApacheFlexSDK', run :

org.sonatype.plugins:bundle-publisher-maven-plugin:1.1:install-bundle -Dbundle=apache_flex_sdk_2012.0.1.zip


org.sonatype.plugins:bundle-publisher-maven-plugin:1.1:install-bundle -Dbundle=apache_flex_sdk_2012.0.1.zip


You can now enjoy playing with Maven ApacheFlex Maven projects.(Note: 
because you can't use RSL caching in this version, use 'rsl' as scope 
instead in your POMs)

Frédéric Thomas 

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