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From Web DoubleFx <webdoubl...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: ActionScript and Apache Flex
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 06:07:59 GMT

> If it meant having proper AS3 code annotations, a proper meta data API and> runtime
performance increases for using said meta data API, then yes, I> would trade off some of
the Falcon speed increase for features such as a> preprocessing phase.>> -omar
> On 1/11/12 12:57 PM, "Matthew Poole" wrote:>> > preprossessing meta data sounds
great, especially for DI etc> Just remember that preprocessing slows down compile times.
Are we willing> to make that trade-off?>> --> Alex Harui
We do not get something for nothing, I am willing to sacrifice a bit of the Falcon compile
time gain to get such features, that's a big YES even.
Before the flexsummit, we did a online meeting for french flex developpers about what we wanted
for the futur of Flex, that's a summary :
http://www.flex-tutorial.fr/2011/12/08/flex-5-most-wanted-features-polls-and-results/, the
most important one was " Improve the language (private constructors, operator overloading,
generics, metatags, enums, abstract classes, introspection, …) so that ActionScript becomes
the same level as Java".

You said in several e-mails already that if we want a better language implementation, we have
to do trade-off and accept to sacrify performence, I think many people would like to know
for each of the new features, what is the exact cost, is it possible to measure it or even
get a good idea of it  ?
Frédéric Thomas 		 	   		  
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