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From Cedric Muller <usa...@benga.li>
Subject Re: Advice for Logo Contest Round 2
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 09:19:31 GMT

25 jan. 2012 - 10:09, John Fletcher wrote:

> 2012/1/24 Remi P <rpatriar@gmail.com>
>> Just to say that I do not agree with the idea that #49 includes something
>> negative, I think just the opposite
> Clearly, some people initially see something negative such as a fallen
> "F", and some don't. However think about all those people that are so keen
> to put down Flex and suggest it is dead. Even if only 20% of them see it,
> can you imagine the impact of 20% of people writing about this on the
> internet? And rest assured, people that want Flex to fall will certainly
> "see it" as soon as it is pointed out to them and then will have the
> subject for their next blog post, too...
> John

Too much emphasis on the logo ... does kill the logo.

Making Flex fail with a logo is ...... a dream (or a taboo :) ). Flex will fail if its technology
cannot handle the pace. But the logo is harmless.
Thinking about yesterday's hot skidding: I think the FLEX brand is about what is inside the

The brand is the technology (eg: what you can do with it). Logo is just something not very
important from now on (just my 2 cents: the remaining contestants logos are great!)

Simple: the logo is harmless, the technology isn't. Everyone should now concentrate on the
technology, and there we have our mountain to tell fire to ;)
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