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From Sebastian Mohr <masul...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Goal for Flex: Strengthening large-scale Flex applications
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 19:47:00 GMT
@Alex ...

> Some coding practice document will be a good thing, but I can still write
> bad code using it.

IMHO ... there is no need to waste time in writing more documentation ...
we need more a "SHOW ME THE CODE" (in short "SMTC") approach ... 
just "SMTC" and only "SMTC". Time to philosophize about coding large-
scale Flex apps should be over. Let's just build professional, sustainable, 
large-scale apps with Flex. And let's teach the FLEX NEWBIES writing 
good code, so that they can become as highly skilled as the few out 
there FLEX GEEKS are. 


> I will repeat my cautionary statement that we are working in a constrained
> environment and will likely need to cheat on occasion.

Even Google Translate couldn't help me understand your sentence above:

Here the translation into German: 

"Ich wiederhole meine Warnhinweis,  dass wir in einem 
eingeschränkten Arbeitsbedingungen, Umwelt und muss 
wahrscheinlich bei Gelegenheit zu betrügen."

Sorry ... where is a constraint environment in an open Apache Flex?

-- Sebastian

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