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From "Dimitri k." <k...@noos.fr>
Subject Re: First Flex release as soon as possible? (was: So, what should we do first?)
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 13:03:24 GMT
From: "Iwo Banas" <banas.iwo@gmail.com>
>> I would go as far as to suggest that the first Apache Flex release should
>> equivalent in code to the current Adobe Flex 4.6 release.
> We can even keep the version as Apache Flex 4.6 to avoid the impression
> that we are releasing some new features.

I don't -1 it, but maybe this should require some thoughts.
If Apache would release a 4.6 SDK without any other benefit than a name 
change (keep in mind that the Adobe one is already open-source), and even 
with real drawbacks (no cached RSLs, maybe some tooling/IDE little issues), 
who would use it over the Adobe 4.6 one?

I understand the "spirit" behind it, but I think there is so much to do 
right now, that putting some of "our" ressources in a "symbolic" release 
would not be a good first step in our new era.
In Adobe's usual words, how much of your 100$ are you ready to invest in a 
symbolic release ;)

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