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From Rick Winscot <rick.wins...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [Binding] Logo - final tweaks
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 17:37:19 GMT
B. Color
To cover your bases with print media... you'll need to have: mono-tone, halt-tone, duo-tone,
and full-color.

Rick Winscot

On Friday, January 27, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Rui Silva wrote:

> Tomasz,
> First let me congratulate you and your team (especially Adrian) for the very excellent
and professional work you have been doing with (both) your logo submissions.
> Now, for the tweaking:
> A. I agree that Flex should be more important than Apache. It is the name of the project
and carries with it a lot of familiarity and stories that we want to preserve (most of it
anyhow :) ). There is the matter of the name possibly not being donated to Apache, but my
opinion is that regardless of the project's name we'll want to maintain it's basic philosophy
which is strongly coupled with the idea of the flexibility and fluidity that the framework
gives us, while at the same time providing the building blocks to crystallize that flexibility
into enterprise level applications. Your logo (both of them, actually) ties very well into
that philosophy or at least that's what I read from them.
> B. Definitely yes. Not that I dislike blue, but I'd like to see how it behaves with warmer
colors (maybe a variation of the orange used in the other logo) and also with more dynamic
and modern (post-modern?) color palettes.
> C.1 Yes, please..
> C.2 Yes, please.
> C.3 Absolutely yes, please.
> C.4 Yes.
> C.5 Yes.
> C.7 I'd add some stationary elements that we could use in printable documents used with
more traditional communication channels.
> C.8 I'd also like to see some studies around printed presentation and promotion materials
(brochures, pens, notebook, etc.)
> C.9 Finally, and that is somehow included in the stationary items I referenced above,
there should be a base slide show theme that we could use with Powerpoint or other presentation
software. This theme would not only include a background (easily constructed from C.4), but
also common slide layouts and elements.
> C.10 Font Face. We could select our brand font that we would use for all designs and
documents. It would have to be an open-source font that would be given under ICLA or CCLA
to Apache. Just an idea anyhow.
> D. Yes, please.
> E. What I'm about to suggest is a bit of a stretch, so take it with a grain of salt.
As I said I also liked your other logo very much. The colors were a definite attraction point,
but the thing that attracted me the most was its irregular nature. The way it was "stretched"
into its final shape and then "stayed" in that shape spoke volumes to me about flexibility
and stability. I wonder if some of that irregular balance can be ported to this logo? I realize
that this was the logo that was selected and that possibly the fact that it has a stable and
regular shape played a big role people's decision to choose it, but I had to say something.
Sorry if I'm disturbing too much.
> Again, thanks for a very professional job. If I find myself ever in the need to create
a corporate brand I'll be sure to ring you guys for a proposal.
> Cheers,
> Rui 
> -------- Original Message --------
> > From: "Tomasz Maciag | Fuse Collective" <t.maciag@fusecollective.com (mailto:t.maciag@fusecollective.com)>
> > Sent: sexta-feira, 27 de Janeiro de 2012 11:44
> > To: "Mailing List | Apache Flex" <flex-dev@incubator.apache.org (mailto:flex-dev@incubator.apache.org)>
> > Subject: [DISCUSS] Logo - final tweaks
> > 
> > First I want to clarify something. I didn't create the logo, my company 
> > (Fuse Collective) did. I'm Manager/Developer and I only submitted it to 
> > the contest. To be precise Adrian Knopik (Rarr) made the logo (he's 
> > creative partner).
> > 
> > After everything I've learned from Flash/Flex community over the years I 
> > would be really happy to finally give something back so you have our 
> > full attention.
> > To make this processes work I want to ask you for you input about the 
> > logo. Feel free to write what you like about it and what you don't like 
> > (e.g. colors, typo ...). You could also show some references (e.g other 
> > logos) to give us visual explanation of your thoughts.
> > It would made my life easier if you tried not to engage in discussion 
> > about opinions of other people so we'd stay on topic. I'll gather all 
> > info and talk it trough with my creative team. After that I'll summarize 
> > what we'll be doing (if required talk it over with PPMC members) and 
> > when you can expect to see results.
> > 
> > For PPMC members.
> > Since you'll be decision makers please add [Binding] to you message so I 
> > can easily distinguish you.
> > Also it would be great if you could change my name to company name as 
> > creator on apache flex site so Fuse Collective could get recognition for it.
> > 
> > Below are things that we feel are important.
> > 
> > A. Naming convention/typography.
> > What naming convention should we use? (Which name in "Apache Flex" is 
> > more important or maybe their equal and should be same size?)
> > Personally I think "Flex" should be bigger since it is the projects name.
> > I think we should try and work on typography to give it more 
> > corporate/software look & feel.
> > 
> > B. Color.
> > I think we should try and see what this could look like in different 
> > colors and create up to 3 different color variations.
> > 
> > C. Additional branding elements.
> > I want to ask you where and in what way the logo may be used by 
> > community? (On what kind of materials you want to see or use it?)
> > Below are my examples of additional elements:
> > 1. T-shirts. I think we could create t-shirts for Apache Flex community 
> > members and PPMC members so we could stand out while attending 
> > conferences/giving presentations.
> > 2. Logo Motion. Up to 5 seconds animation that can be use for intro in 
> > video related staff (like tutorials). Something like 
> > http://fusecollective.com/#/flex-creative or 
> > http://fusecollective.com/#/inscripts.
> > 3. Key visual. Graphic/illustration that can be easily adopted and used 
> > in wide range of materials (e.g presentations). Something like this 
> > <http://fusecollective.com/assets/projects/interaktik/interaktik_6.jpg> 
> > created for this logo 
> > <http://fusecollective.com/assets/projects/interaktik/interaktik_2.jpg>.
> > 4. Desktop wallpaper.
> > 5. Badge. You could use them on you blog or make actual badge and pin it 
> > to you shirt :)
> > 
> > D. Apache Flex website.
> > I don't know it's possible, but later on we could think about making 
> > some nice and clean design for Apache Flex website (it could go public 
> > with the first release). 
> > 

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