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From Arnoud Bos <arn...@artim-interactive.nl>
Subject Re: jira task to decide on Apache Flex version number needed
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 18:53:07 GMT

Yeah I would go for a 4.7 initial apache flex release too.
Especially because i sense the general intension here is to release a few compatible versions
It's just less confusing IMHO.


On 18-01-2012, at 18:05, Peter Elst wrote:

>> I had the same initial reaction... but we also have to remember that 4.6
>> is still Adobe Flex 4.6, and if this branch has security holes Adobe is
>> going to want to close those. The only safe way of doing that is to patch
>> 4.6.0 or 4.6.1, cause if Apache is at 4.7 and we've changed things they're
>> trying to fix in 4.6 then we will have conflicts.
> I would have preferred to see Adobe do those bug fixes in the Apache
> project - can't see how it would legally work with the Flex trademark, nor
> should I really worry about it probably ;)
> In that case I would vote for going with an Apache Flex 4.7 initial
> release, and if possible wait for Adobe to confirm its finished its work on
> Flex 4.6 so there's no Apache Flex 4.7 followed by a Adobe Flex 4.6.2.
> Would Adobe be open to sharing what they are fixing so work isn't
> duplicated within Apache?
> - Peter

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