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From Cedric Muller <usa...@benga.li>
Subject Re: Advice for Logo Contest Round 2
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 09:01:48 GMT
Top Marketers laughing at people ??? These are awful humans, they should learn to behave, 101
is being respectful. Now, watch me being unrespectful, and better than marketers.
These people aren't gentlemen, nor important people. They just send consumers to doom with
their marketing campaigns and logo choices. Besides, being /that/ arrongant is a no-go. Marketing
is lighter than a feather, makes people regress and pushes the products prices higher. What
is the Good with such attitude ??

ps: marketing is a plague, let's don't care of the top 500 marketers that did push the world
with utter crap. Seriously !! Crap.

Best for Apache Flex ? Take the logos that were selected, or go the NO LOGO way. Bring it
to the next level people. No logo whatever. (Same for Apache Flex, we aren't here for showing
off cool logos and trying to feel the living beast under a design ....... it is about a technology,
a vision ... not some over cool curves or straight edges)

Sorry, but I think logo votes and logo remarks just drowned me ... : how could someone just
think that a logo will make the difference ? How futile such reaction is ..... I may just
end my Apache Flex thing today, if surrounded by such minds :(

Cedric Muller

> Hmmm 
> I wonder how you explained the future of flex to your top marketeers 'who laughed their
head off'
> Cause one of their preferred logo's looks like a styled infinity sign (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780536/).

> I'm sure we all agree here that even if we reinvent flex, it still won't last forever.

> Thinking that would be a little naive imho :-)
> So far for the correct message that reflects the future of flex clearly ;-)
> Ah well...
> On 24-01-2012, at 08:10, kitashima tomo wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> It nice to see the 3 Apache Flex logo are shorlisted for the final round.
>> Seems like some of my good friends do not find it acceptable (my friends
>> are the marketer
>> working in the top 500 companies). They laughed their head off at PPMC's
>> and voters' poor taste for nominate bad design logos. One of my friend
>> even made a
>> sarcastic remark of the Flex community are heading for a *sinking* since
>> brand image are very important and do reflect how the customers' view
>> the community.
>> To confirm my doubt, I have contact some of the logo designers, they agree
>> the top 3 logos hold no distinctive and meaningless except #12 and #50 seem
>> to
>> reflect the future of Apache Flex clearly. It may be *advisable* for the
>> community to reconsider the contest. I wish to disclaimer that I'm not
>> speaking up for anyone.
>> Please ignore my advice if you find my message is of no importance. I wish
>> the community good luck then.
>> Lastly, I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year 2012.
>> rgds,
>> Kitashima Tomo
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Arnoud Bos
> Artim interactive
> T +31 6 246 40 216
> E arnoud@artim-interactive.nl

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