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From Tomislav Pokrajcic <tomis...@svemir.net>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Logo contest round #2
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2012 21:21:04 GMT
+1 #42

Some comments:
While really respecting the energy invested in working on this logo, it 
just keeps reminding me on fallen F no matter how strong I try thinking 
about raising mountain or Indian tent...
I tried to make it standing still by applying various transforms in in 
Photoshop, but no help. Sorry Julien :)
However, colors are perfect.
I agree with Marcus on this one. It would be interesting to raise it's 
temperature a bit and put it in #49's colors


On 24.1.2012. 0:37, Doug Arthur wrote:
> Hello thriving community!
> We have had a great Logo contest so far. There were a lot of votes,
> and a lot of discussion. All of the submission were great, and we
> truly appreciate the contribution of such great work. The PPMC members
> have been carefully dissecting what the next steps should be. This has
> been a difficult task on its own, as we don't want to offend anyone's
> great work and contribution. We also want to make sure we communicate
> effectively with the community, therefore we had some private
> discussions on how to proceed carefully and cautiously.
> With that said, the tallies are posted [1].
> [2] #49:
>     Total:            106.5 Pts
>     Community:   83.5 *
>     PPMC:          23
> [3] #42:
>     Total:             99.5
>     Community:   68.5
>     PPMC:          31 *
> [4] #40:
>     Total:             65
>     Community:   63
>     PPMC:          2
> There are more community votes for #49 over #42 by only ~15. While the
> PPMC members also had #49 in their top list, #42 came out on top,
> while #40 was not favored by PPMC. Since there is no clear winner
> between #42 and #49, we are conducting another round of voting for
> those submissions. So with that warrants a congratulations to Tomasz
> Maciag and Julien Brehier for their submissions and making it to
> another round.
> Overall we should all be extremely happy with the votes as #42 and #49
> were both the top two choices for the PPMC and the community. A clear
> sign that the community and PPMC are in-sync. We passed an early and
> important test! And congratulations to everyone else that submitted a
> logo as well!
> With this round of voting, we're only going to have a +1 to which logo
> you prefer (#42 or #49). Remember, PPMC members votes are the final
> say, and ultimately, that will be the what final decision becomes, but
> the community votes help the PPMC members make their decisions, so get
> voting, and let us know which you like the best!
> With everything said, some of our discussions included concerns on how
> each logo represents the future of Apache Flex. One specific concern
> was how #49 appeared to some of the PPMC members, and feeling that
> some users could look at the logo as negative. Not saying at all that
> the logo truly has any negative context, but there are some concerns
> surrounding it. I don't want to spell them out, as to not give the
> community a new vision on what the PPMC members are seeing. Just take
> a careful and close look at which logo you choose, and choose wisely!
> Let the voting commence, and good luck to Tomasz Maciag and Julien
> Brehier in this showdown of the new Apache Flex logo!
> [1] http://people.apache.org/~dougarthur/apache_flex_logo_votes.xlsx
> [2] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-49
> [3] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-42
> [4] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-40
> - Doug

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