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From Tomasz MaciÄ…g | Fuse Collective <t.mac...@fusecollective.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Logo contest round #2
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 09:56:14 GMT
I'm very pleased that our logo made to the second round but I assumed 
there will be some sort of discussion after round 1.
I've imagined that people could express their feelings about selected 
logos (what they like, what they don't like or what they want to see) 
and based on that input we could work on our logo.
Branding is not just logo so I thought that we could take some time to 
work on more complete branding presentation, with different logo 
variations, additional materials (e.g. t-shirts), may be key visual, 
example presentation on different use case scenarios (to discuss where 
and how the logo could be used). That could be later put to vote.
Voting already started, things are now in motion but I think this should 
be considered on todo list for winning logo...

W dniu 2012-01-24 00:37, Doug Arthur pisze:
> Hello thriving community!
> We have had a great Logo contest so far. There were a lot of votes,
> and a lot of discussion. All of the submission were great, and we
> truly appreciate the contribution of such great work. The PPMC members
> have been carefully dissecting what the next steps should be. This has
> been a difficult task on its own, as we don't want to offend anyone's
> great work and contribution. We also want to make sure we communicate
> effectively with the community, therefore we had some private
> discussions on how to proceed carefully and cautiously.
> With that said, the tallies are posted [1].
> [2] #49:
>     Total:            106.5 Pts
>     Community:   83.5 *
>     PPMC:          23
> [3] #42:
>     Total:             99.5
>     Community:   68.5
>     PPMC:          31 *
> [4] #40:
>     Total:             65
>     Community:   63
>     PPMC:          2
> There are more community votes for #49 over #42 by only ~15. While the
> PPMC members also had #49 in their top list, #42 came out on top,
> while #40 was not favored by PPMC. Since there is no clear winner
> between #42 and #49, we are conducting another round of voting for
> those submissions. So with that warrants a congratulations to Tomasz
> Maciag and Julien Brehier for their submissions and making it to
> another round.
> Overall we should all be extremely happy with the votes as #42 and #49
> were both the top two choices for the PPMC and the community. A clear
> sign that the community and PPMC are in-sync. We passed an early and
> important test! And congratulations to everyone else that submitted a
> logo as well!
> With this round of voting, we're only going to have a +1 to which logo
> you prefer (#42 or #49). Remember, PPMC members votes are the final
> say, and ultimately, that will be the what final decision becomes, but
> the community votes help the PPMC members make their decisions, so get
> voting, and let us know which you like the best!
> With everything said, some of our discussions included concerns on how
> each logo represents the future of Apache Flex. One specific concern
> was how #49 appeared to some of the PPMC members, and feeling that
> some users could look at the logo as negative. Not saying at all that
> the logo truly has any negative context, but there are some concerns
> surrounding it. I don't want to spell them out, as to not give the
> community a new vision on what the PPMC members are seeing. Just take
> a careful and close look at which logo you choose, and choose wisely!
> Let the voting commence, and good luck to Tomasz Maciag and Julien
> Brehier in this showdown of the new Apache Flex logo!
> [1] http://people.apache.org/~dougarthur/apache_flex_logo_votes.xlsx
> [2] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-49
> [3] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-42
> [4] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-40
> - Doug

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