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From Keith Sutton <ke...@spoon.as>
Subject Re: [Wiki][User Groups]
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 02:44:46 GMT
A very good question that I have been struggling with too. I am thinking 
for now stay in-sync with what is in groups.adobe.com and keep the focus 
on Flex (however some have already changed their name to Actionscript). 
Once the legal discussion is done there may be some constraints, if not 
we can discuss/lobby during the coming tour. Given there still will be 
an [Adobe] Flex and Apache Flex it is hard to know which way things will 
go - I am sticking with Flex for now with our group.

On 1/23/2012 6:15 PM, Phil Haeusler wrote:
> On 24/01/12 6:24 AM, Keith Sutton wrote:
>> Having a user group wiki and perhaps mailing list would be timely and 
>> supportive of the Flex Tour and transition we are all living through.
>> Any other user group groups and user group managers out their 
>> interested?
> What is the protocol for an for Adobe branded user groups to be listed 
> on an Apache Flex User groups page?  I notice that all the groups 
> listed for Hadoop specifically mention it in their names.
> The reason I ask is that last year two Adobe specific user groups I am 
> involved with here (ColdFusion and Flex) combined into the Melbourne 
> Adobe Developer group largely due to the similar audience attending 
> both.  Going forward I think it's important to keep a focus on Flex at 
> the user group, and was just wondering if it'd be OK to have the Adobe 
> group listed or would we have to consider another arrangement.
> Thanks
> Phil

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