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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: State of the Project
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 19:56:21 GMT
On 24/01/2012 03:30, Alex Harui wrote:
> You can work on the code in Carol's whiteboard, or do just about anything
> you want in your own whiteboard.  You can discuss just about anything.
That is not the point: if some things are not going to make it anyway 
into flex because it will not be donated anyways (apache will not have 
rights) or because its against the mission statement (see below) then 
there is no point in spamming the mailing list or putting the hopes 
high. Also, having clarity about the things going might help. i.e:

    Things achieved:
       - Some parts of Flex SDK
       - First round of Logo Contest

    Things ongoing:
       - Rights on Flex trademark being checked by Adobe lawyers
       - SVN import strategy under evaluation [link to mailinglist entry]
       - PPMC members discuss about Logos for second round

    Things that won't happen:
       - ...

You know: A small overview whats going on, no hard task really, just a 
page on the homepage. (wiki?)

> There are multiple missions. One of which is to support improvements 
> to exisiting apps and continued development of those apps and new 
> apps. Another is to explore a migration strategy or 
> compatibility-story or cross-compilation with the HTML/JS/CSS stack. 
If there are multiple missions, will there be separate releases? Trying 
to run in different directions usually results in broken legs.
To give a simple example: It might be possible to release a 4.7 that is 
fully compatible to 4.6. It might be also possible to release a 4.7 that 
allows cross compilation to html/js/css but creating a fully compatible 
and cross-compilable flex in 4.7 might be a little tough or in other 
words: breaks your legs.

Even with multiple missions: Each mission should be properly defined. 
Its really hard to hit something without aiming.


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