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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: Trace & Log
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 07:33:29 GMT
On 20/01/2012 15:42, Alex Harui wrote:
> I'm still lost. That is a description of what you want to do, but not why.
I am seriously starting to doubt my english skills. Okay: My "why" is a 
simple pursuit of excellency. I am not happy with the overhead of 
current logging systems. After evaluating all options I think this 
(compiler-injection) would be the best solution to solve my unhappiness 
with the current options(listed in my former mails) to implement a 
logging system. The solution might also be useful for other 
applications, even though I am not knee-deep into them, that is why I am 
posting this idea here.

> If not profiling, what do you want to know about the framework code that
> requires a release player?
"requires a release player" is a odd choice of words. Wouldn't it be 
clearer as "doesn't require a debug player"?

Anyways: A use case is sending the log statements produced in a deployed 
swf running in on a clients computer with the release player back-home 
(to the developer) if a error occurs. Improved error debugging!

Another point is that sometimes (more often than appreciated or 
anticipated) errors do just occur in the release player but not in the 
debug player. Its a side-effect of compile time flags and debugging 
specific code. Some people use log statements just to fix these sort of 
bugs or to never run into them.

> A debug SWF has file and line number information in it.  Would it be sufficient to simply
remove some of that information so it only has information at method entry points?
Debug SWFs have line number information that are readable by the flash 
player. And as far as I know they are not accessible without a 
stack-trace from a error running in a debug player. Also: deployed swfs 
are stripped of that information. The stripping is good, it makes the 
swf lighter. With the suggested implementation there would be a way to 
selectively enable to keep the information and pass it directly just 
where they are needed.

On 20/01/2012 15:44, saurabh jain wrote:
> How about introducing a framework level flag, say logLevel / logType, and
> framwork users setting this depending upon what should be logged. The
> setting for this could be done once and the logger class reading framework
> level flag and works accordingly.
Again: It is about granularity. The framework users would need to enter 
a lot of data to have it more granular. Aside from offering this 
ability. The compiler sits right now on this information.


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