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From João Saleiro <joao.sale...@webfuel.pt>
Subject Re: Did Flex lost contact to its investors?
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 19:07:30 GMT

On 15-01-2012 07:27, jude wrote:
> Next time someone says use HTML5 say, "HEY who's the expert in technology here?
> Me or you?". Then say, "...that's what I thought" as you walk away with
> explosions or something like that going off in the background...

You can either do that or force them to read "After 6 years doing Flex, 
am I moving to HTML5?":   
https://plus.google.com/109047477151984864676/posts/CVGJKLMMehs . I 
prefer your solution: seems less violent and would look cool with some 
background music from the CSI generic. :)

Jokes apart, this topic is quite interesting. I have no doubts that Flex 
will thrive from the technological point of view - we are here on this 
mailing list with that purpose in mind.
But what about perception? It's not up to the Apache Foundation to 
manage PR (or is it?) and our personal efforts will probably be to 

Bertrand, could you provide us more info on how was the successful 
Apache Web Server managed in terms of PR? Did it succeed solely due to 
it's unparalleled quality or were there planned PR activities?

João Saleiro

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