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From Brent Arnold <br...@brentarnold.com>
Subject Where should people ask basic development questions?
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2012 23:43:51 GMT
With this discussion of IRC channels and the like, my question is where 
do we want people asking basic questions on Flex development?

I'm not talking about the discussions we've had so far, where devs are 
asking about component architecture, suggesting changes to the 
framework, etc. I'm talking about Mr or Ms. John Q Public asking 
questions like "What does error #1009 mean?" or "Can I use AS3 with this 
MXML code?"

Do we want the flex-dev mailing list cluttered with this kind of 
traffic? I certainly don't. When someone has basic "how to" questions, 
shouldn't we have a place for them to go and ask those questions, and 
then be able to search for answers?

I would prefer a forum, rather than a mailing list. And I think an IRC 
channel would be a great benefit to have, and see nothing wrong with 
referencing the existing channel that's been discussed so far.


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