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From João Saleiro <joao.sale...@webfuel.pt>
Subject Re: FLEX Logo Sketch
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 23:18:49 GMT
Much better now Carlos! I'm actually starting to get used to it! ;)

Nevertheless, I think we should do an open "contest" to get other 
proposals, so other people (who are not only coders like most people on 
this list) has a chance to participate. I'm not saying yours should not 
be the definite one (if it was, I would be pretty happy! ;) ), but I 
would like to see what other people come up with. Also, I think the 
"square" version is pretty important.

Yesterday I sent here a draft of a possible text to announce the 
"contest", with some gaps that can be filled (guidelines and some 
English corrections) in a couple of minutes. After finished, it should 
be posted on the Apache Flex Incubation website so we can spread the link.
I have no experience in building logos so I have no idea on the 
requirements. Could someone else more experienced fill in the gaps with 
the requirements/guidelines and review the text ? The original post is 

and Bertrand has already filled the License part here: 

João Saleiro

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