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From João Saleiro <joao.sale...@webfuel.pt>
Subject Re: Apache Flex community website
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 17:28:21 GMT

On 06-01-2012 17:20, Brent Arnold wrote:
> If the website is promoting Flex, then yes, it has to use Flash in 
> order to showcase what Flex can do. A non-techie person won't 
> understand what it is unless they can see it in action.

-1 -1 -1

I completely disagree with using Flex to build a site promoting Flex. 
It's an informative website where HTML fits perfectly - not an 
application, neither an interactive experience which are the real use 
cases for Flex. We shouldn't do the same mistakes that have been done in 
the past with Flash being used for informative websites.

But if you're talking about demos and a showcase of Flex applications - 
then I'm completely with you. We miss a centralized place where people 
can see exactly what can be done with Flex (Flex.org was a good example, 
but the showcase is quite weak, IMHO).

João Saleiro

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