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From João Saleiro <joao.sale...@webfuel.pt>
Subject Re: Flex Logo :: Community Action
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 01:22:37 GMT
Here's a starting point of the texts for the Apache Flex website 
announcing the "contest", in case the idea goes forward.

I've started writing these texts because someone had to do it - but they 
need to be completed, changed, reviewed, etc - so feel free to change 
everything at your will. My English is far from perfect (not my natural 
language) and it's already 1 a.m here in Portugal (time to sleep). :o)

(BTW, what is the "Apache way" for collaboration on the writing and 
reviewing of texts? Google Docs? A Wiki? Using this ML?)

Here it goes:



In the 31th of December, Apache has accepted the Flex SDK into 
incubation. Flex is now a community project managed by Apache. The 
migration from Adobe to Apache involves a re-branding and you can 
contribute by proposing the new Apache Flex logo.

Your proposal will be published on the Flex Incubation website [link] 
next to the other proposals and in [date] the community will choose the 
new logo through voting on the Apache Flex Mailing List [link].


The logo should meet the requirements below:

[put guidelines here, this is just an example]
- two versions of the logo: a rectangle (full brand) and a square (icon, 
for example)
- should work in the following sizes:   [put sizes here]
- [colors]
- [optional feather]
- should not be too much related with the Adobe Flex logo
- it should comply with the Apache branding requirements [link]


While designing the logo, keep in mind what describes Flex:

- User Experience
- Ubiquity / Cross-platform
- Enterprise
- [...]


[date here]


Send to the Apache Flex Mailing List the links to:

- A PNG version of the logo (and it's variations)
- A ZIP file with all assets


[info on licensing here]

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