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From Brent Arnold <br...@brentarnold.com>
Subject Apache Flex community website
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 23:56:34 GMT
Hi everyone,

As a member of the Flex community I wanted to contribute in some way, 
and since I'm not an initial committer or anything, I figured I could at 
least do something like setup and host a website --> apacheflex.org.

I realize that the core of the project will remain with apache.org, but 
I felt that we could use a resource for the non-technical aspects of the 
project, i.e. a wiki, forums, etc. At the moment I'm trying out TikiWiki 
which has support for wikis, forums, blogs, etc., though it's all new to 
me (I've used other forum software before, but not this one).

Anyway, just wanted to offer the website as part of my "open source" 
contribution. I don't want to monetize this or anything. I'm happy to 
pay for the domain and hosting. I figured we could also host the logo 
contest there as well.

If anyone has experience with TikiWiki and would like to help me set 
this up, that would be grand.


Brent "iBrent" Arnold

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