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From "Rui Silva" <f...@rduartes.net>
Subject Re: On splitting communities and non-code committers (was: Apache Flex community website)
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 11:28:18 GMT

> ...
> On a side note here, would it be possible / advisable to have a note on 
> Flex incubator site about Spoon and its goals and vice versa?
> ...
> Peter 

That's a very good question. I'd think that Flex will inevitably grow so 
much that very specialized pockets of contributors will arise. Groups of 
people that share a set of common interests for the evolution of Flex. In 
this regard Spoon has, indeed, a life of its own, but I'd still worry about 
the possibility of important discussions being held outside of the main 
Flex project.

Hmmm... Not sure, actually, if I have a definite opinion on that, but it's 
definitely worth starting a discussion. Spoon can, in theory, maintain the 
same sort of relation with the Apache Flex project as it was establishing 
with Adobe, but I'm not sure if it makes a lot of sense, now that the SDK 
is going to be fully open-sourced. Maybe Spoon will exist as an independent 
"entity" for now to feed Apache Flex with the things it started to do for 
Adobe and then be absorbed by the main project? I don't know.

On a funny sidenote, Spoon should, maybe, change its name to Fork, as now 
there'll be nothing preventing an actual fork/branch of Flex's source 
code... :) 


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