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From "Rui Silva" <f...@rduartes.net>
Subject Playing around with Carlos' logo proposal
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2012 09:33:20 GMT

As I've told earlier, I played around a little bit with Carlos' logo 
proposal and came up with a few variations that, to my eyes, solve one of 
the problems I identified with it, namely readability. I'm still not happy 
with the balance and I am the first to agree that the arc in the E letter 
seems a little off and maybe even too thick. Anyway and apologizing in 
advance to Carlos for being so bold as to mess up with his design, these 
are very rough ideas that are in no way meant to be taken too seriously. 
Basically they're just a visual thinker's way to express his opinion on 
something... :)

Oh, I've also tried a couple of variations for a square logo. I'm not sure 
how I feel about them, but since I've spent quite some time fiddling around 
with them I thought I'd just get them out here.

You can find the experiments here: 


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