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From Douglas Arthur <dart...@vmware.com>
Subject RE: Do we want a flex-users list now, and who volunteers to moderate it?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 18:29:57 GMT
> From: Peter Elst [mailto:peter.elst@gmail.com]
> This is just a question about process, don't want to block this but would a
> -1 not be considered a veto? As long as we're not looking to make the user
> list a support channel for Adobe Flex or about discussions over tech support,
> I'm happy to withdraw my negative vote.
> - Peter

I agree that it should not have anything to do with Adobe Flex, but purely for Apache Flex.
I also think that discussions on the flex-users list will probably be very limited initially
being that there's no release yet. It would be my, and other moderators, responsibility to
direct posters to the right place. I may be wrong, but I also see the flex-users list gaining
maturity by creating it earlier rather than later. I don't see a problem with flex developers
making comments on the flex-users list about features, as long as those discussions are discussed
on this, flex-dev, list for any decisions are made. I see flex-users as being a casual discussion
list rather than an "official" list. Some flex-users subscribers may not want to be part of
this heavy list. 

The discussions of moderating of the list are open on what we accept on the list, but the
list is going to be needed one way or another at some point, so my view of creating it now
rather than later stands strong.  :-)

> From: Alex Harui [mailto:aharui@adobe.com]
>That's why coding practice discussions should happen on the dev list.

+1, the dev list is where this type of discussion should happen.
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