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From "Skogen, Espen" <espen.sko...@jpmorgan.com>
Subject RE: Raising barriers
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 09:48:37 GMT
I second that..


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From: Rui Silva [mailto:flex@rduartes.net] 
Sent: 11 January 2012 02:05
To: flex-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Raising barriers


It's about 2 o'clock in the morning  here in Portugal and I just went 
through the last of today's (yesterday's?) posts on the mailing list and I 
must confess that having gone through them all in a short period of time it 
does look like we're trying really hard to find ways this project could or 
should fail.

Don't get me wrong, I love things being discussed in the list (The current 
discussion around the component model is a bliss to read), but there's a 
lot of other stuff that seems to raise more barriers than to actually find 
the energy to move forward.

Come on guys! This is our project now! We'll make it whatever we want it to 
be. There's no need to dig up old ghosts and try to reason out some things 
that are unreasonable, largely by nature. And we need a lot of momentum, we 
can't afford to wander off and spend time and energy on incidental facts. 
The world is looking at us right now! They're anxious to see what comes out 
of here and we're charged with the gigantic task of keep this behemoth 
called Flex alive and make it even better so that it can survive in a 
changing world.

I'll take this chance to make a statement of intent: I will not engage nor 
answer to threads that basically deal with things that have no real 
influence on the immediate future of Flex and how we can bring that to 
fruition. My time is too precious and instead of doing that I'll try to 
find ways to fix and improve this awesome applications development 
framework (any mention to RIA, Web or any other specification intentionally 
left out)!

I'm here to stay and I'll dedicate as much of me as I can spare to help out 
the Flex community. If I may so bold to do so, I'd ask everyone to recheck 
their commitment to the project and decide if and how they wish to be here 

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit dramatical, but I sincerely think that right 
now, we're the biggest menace to Flex's survival. Fortunately we're it 
greatest hope too, so let's make that happen. Alex and Carol, not to put 
more pressure on the amazing effort you guys are already doing, but we 
really need that code and JIRA ported as soon as humanly possible. I have 
complete faith that you will do your absolute best.


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