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From Michael Schmalle <m...@teotigraphix.com>
Subject Re: [Logo] Sebastian Mohr
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 23:55:55 GMT
Quoting Sebastian Mohr <masuland@gmail.com>:

> @Mike ... thank you for your quick response!
> Sure it looks very familiar ... but this is on purpose ... maybe
> just changing the colors could make it different and will remove
> these trademark/copyright issues ... but I have to stop here,
> because, I am not a designer ;)
> More important was the text I have written:
> 'For me, the new Flex logo should send a promising sign to all those
> companies who have lost money, and, to all Flex developers who got
> fired during the last couple of weeks. "Stability over Philosophy" should
> be the credo of this new logo, and, the message of the new Apache Flex
> logo should be clear and simple:
> "Flex is still Flex, and, now even better managed by Apache"'
> When moving dramatically far away from the original logo design could
> lead to the impression that Apache Flex is something completely different
> in the hands of Apache ... and managers and investor, who might have no
> idea about the internals of Flex and just see the logo, might  
> hesitate to draw
> their wallets.
> As mentioned before "Flex will not survive without those investors".
> -- Sebastian

> As mentioned before "Flex will not survive without those investors".

I think the whole idea of Apache Flex is to gain new investors as  
well, and that needs to be seen as something new, so a new logo that  
departs drastically from Adobes can only be seen as a move in the  
right direction in my opinion.


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