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From Robert Cesaric <rob...@cesaric.com>
Subject Re: [LOGO] Robert Cesaric
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 19:23:18 GMT
Dany, I uploaded the designs I as tinkering around with.  Take a look at the bottom logo in
the second column:  http://cesaric.com/apache/flex/Flex_Logo_Designs.png.  I think that's
the variation you mentioned.  I didn't want to carpet bomb the contest with different versions
so I forced myself to choose one.  I'm torn but if anyone else agrees on that variation, I'll
be happy to change my submission.

I think a lot of us saw the implementation of using the capital 'F' & 'E" of FLEX as a
way of blending the lettering and design together.  I wasn't opposed to a lowercase 'flex'
but similar to Doug McCune's remark, I couldn't make it work in an enterprise way either.
 Not that it can't be, I'm just not that good ;-)

Thanks for the input!!


On Jan 16, 2012, at 1:48 PM, Dany Dhondt wrote:

> I like this one very much! One of the best so far, IMHO
> A few remarks:
> - You face the same problem as Carlos Rovira: the arrow cuts through the L. You might
solve this by just showing the feather on the left and the arrow starting from the E. I'd
try that.
> - You modify the shape of the X, which disturbes the typography. Isn't it possible to
leave the X and adapt the arrow? I'm a strong believer in 'don't disturb the type, designers
have spent months to get it right'!
> A general remark: why does nobody try a variation with non-capitalized type? flex instead
of FLEX? 
> regards,
> Dany
> Op 16-jan.-2012, om 19:15 heeft Robert Cesaric het volgende geschreven:
>> Here's my stab at the logo.
>> Preview:  http://cesaric.com/apache/flex/logo.png
>> Source: http://cesaric.com/apache/flex/fireworks.zip
>> Cheers,
>> Robert Cesaric

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