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From "David Arno" <da...@davidarno.org>
Subject RE: [LOGO CONTEST] Tallying the votes
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 16:17:22 GMT
> From: Omar Gonzalez [mailto:omarg.developer@gmail.com] 
> Sent: 20 January 2012 15:57
> Maybe I'm just being dumb but, above average of what? I don't 
> understand the percentages you keep attaching, what are the 
> purpose for them or what do they mean?

I'm assuming Rui has calculated the mean logo score, ie the mean of number
of vote points each logo has received. 12 logos have scores above that mean.
No single logo has a score greater than 2.5 * number of people who have
voted. The + 1StD, + 2StD and top 10% figures are just measures of how many
logos have scores that increasingly deviate away from the mean.

I didn't pay attention to the protracted discussion on how the vote would
take place, as I was expecting to be able to vote, so I don't know the
criteria for the next round. Also I don't know if and how Rui is allowing
for the cock-up over one logo appearing twice. So the figures don't really
mean much to me and I may have got all of the above wrong as a result! :)


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