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From "Dimitri k." <k...@noos.fr>
Subject Our first Sunday
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2012 10:15:25 GMT
Hi everyone,

I wanted to use this relatively quiet Sunday moment here (Apache Flex, the 
mailing-list that never sleeps) to express my gratitude about the first week 
of the Apache Flex project.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has kind of an emotionnal investment 
to Flex, added to a real investment in it, and who was really disturbed from 
the events of Black November.

So this first week was very important for a lot of us, who needed a restored 
hope, and were anxious to see how things were going to happen in this new 
open model and era.
In my opinion, this week was a tremendous success in this regard, and is a 
great seed to the project success, because not only we've already at least 
shown that a lot of people cared about Flex, and his future, but also that a 
good part of them are ready to invest their time and energy in moving Flex 

And this week has also shown some really encouraging signs for this project, 
between the impressive investment of people like Michael S. or the logo 
designers, the honest and to-the-point responses of Alex concerning Adobe, 
the ambitions of the Spoon guys and, above all, the will to accept to 
disagree with each other within a respectful and forward-looking spirit.

Of course, I know that the hardest part is still ahead, and the true test 
will come with real impactful decisions and deep disagreements.
But at least we're off to a great start, and we all deserve to enjoy that.

Last but not least, I especially wanted to thank Bertrand, our first mentor, 
who, in my opinion, has made a "pixel-perfect" mentoring for now, from the 
proposal and vote handling to this first week set up and support.
I really think that Apache Flex is lucky to have been gifted such a 
forward-oriented, conflict-resolving and pragmatic mentor, and the fact that 
we're already working on Flex future only less than 3 week after the 
Proposal is a testament of the great work he's done.

So thank you all for the life you've already breathed into this project, and 
I hope my "French Sunday morning thoughts to English" prose was not too hard 
to read.

Have a nice Sunday (be it with families, friends or bits of code), and long 
live to Apache Flex.

Dimitri K. 

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