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From "David Arno" <da...@davidarno.org>
Subject RE: Flex 5 should be divided to desktop project and mobile project
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:14:09 GMT
> From: Pepe [mailto:pepe.fxug@gmail.com] 
> Sent: 26 January 2012 07:45
> Please do not try to make a hybrid architecture. I believe it will
> I hope Flex 5 will have two versions which are desktop version and mobile

The key here is to use composition, rather than inheritance, for the Flex 5
components. This then allows the mobile and desktop components to be
composed differently (no mouse handler for mobile for example.)

Of course since composition involves lots of interfaces and small classes,
it may not happen for performance reasons. In which case we have to keep the
monster class style of Flex 3 and 4 and it will need people like you Pepe to
help write two versions of each component class :)


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