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From Dany Dhondt <archeme...@mac.com>
Subject Re: logo contest closed
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 16:57:27 GMT


Op 18-jan.-2012, om 17:47 heeft Doug McCune het volgende geschreven:

> One additional thought... what about removing the authors names and even
> randomizing the list of entries now that the contest is closed? This has
> two effects:
> 1. People aren't swayed by who created the logo (as much). People certainly
> wouldn't be swayed by seeing votes come in for a certain person's logo. All
> you'd see are votes for entry numbers.
> 2. People are forced to look at every logo again. Since the rules of
> submission were that you were supposed to submit and then update the same
> preview URL with any updates, there may have been updates to various logos.
> Lazy voters might look at a submission entry in the list and already know
> how they are going to vote, but the logo might have been changed since they
> originally looked at it. If we anonymize and randomize the entries then we
> force people to look at each one during the voting process. It will take
> longer, since voters can't just skip over ones they know they don't like,
> but given the fact that logos can change since they were submitted I think
> that might be more a pro than a con.

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