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From "David Arno" <da...@davidarno.org>
Subject Best Coding Practices: Are we missing the point?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 10:08:07 GMT
I really don't get why there is so much discussion here as to whether we should or should not
create a "best" coding practices guide for example. Surely we are missing the point here.
Apache Flex is a community project. To my mind, that means do what you want and the community
will decide if it likes it or not.

So if you want to create some best practices, do so. If you don't like the idea of Apache
Flex dictating best practices, ignore them. If there is great community feedback, then clearly
the community wanted those best practices. If the feedback is poor, then the idea can be dropped

Now that we have the SVN repo in place, perhaps it's time for a bit less talking and a bit
more doing? :)


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