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From mih...@apache.org
Subject [3/6] git commit: [flex-utilities] [refs/heads/develop] - FLEX-34756 Adding a unit test that reproduces the bug, and its supporting files.
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 12:29:18 GMT
FLEX-34756 Adding a unit test that reproduces the bug, and its supporting files.

Project: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-utilities/repo
Commit: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-utilities/commit/daf48a05
Tree: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-utilities/tree/daf48a05
Diff: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-utilities/diff/daf48a05

Branch: refs/heads/develop
Commit: daf48a05bc064dd7e3cb60a3dfe303e0d50dbe9f
Parents: 718d5a3
Author: Mihai Chira <mihaic@apache.org>
Authored: Fri Apr 10 14:23:39 2015 +0200
Committer: Mihai Chira <mihaic@apache.org>
Committed: Fri Apr 10 14:23:39 2015 +0200

 .../linguistics/spelling/FLEX_34756_Test.as     |   160 +
 .../linguistics/spelling/SpellingConfig.xml     |     7 +
 .../spelling/dictionaries/en_GB/en_GB.aff       |  1150 +
 .../spelling/dictionaries/en_GB/en_GB.dic       | 46281 +++++++++++++++++
 4 files changed, 47598 insertions(+)

diff --git a/Squiggly/main/SpellingUIEx/tests/com/adobe/linguistics/spelling/FLEX_34756_Test.as
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..dcb074f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Squiggly/main/SpellingUIEx/tests/com/adobe/linguistics/spelling/FLEX_34756_Test.as
@@ -0,0 +1,160 @@
+//  Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
+//  contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
+//  this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
+//  The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
+//  (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
+//  the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
+//      http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
+//  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+//  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+//  WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
+//  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+//  limitations under the License.
+package com.adobe.linguistics.spelling {
+    import com.adobe.linguistics.spelling.SpellUI;
+    import com.adobe.linguistics.spelling.framework.SpellingService;
+    import com.adobe.linguistics.spelling.framework.ui.IHighlighter;
+    import flash.events.Event;
+    import flash.events.IEventDispatcher;
+    import flashx.textLayout.edit.EditManager;
+    import flashx.textLayout.elements.FlowElement;
+    import flashx.textLayout.elements.ParagraphElement;
+    import flashx.textLayout.elements.SpanElement;
+    import mockolate.nice;
+    import mockolate.prepare;
+    import mockolate.received;
+    import mockolate.stub;
+    import org.flexunit.assertThat;
+    import org.flexunit.asserts.assertTrue;
+    import org.flexunit.async.Async;
+    import org.fluint.uiImpersonation.UIImpersonator;
+    import spark.components.RichEditableText;
+    public class FLEX_34756_Test {
+        private static var _textField:RichEditableText;
+        private static var _sut:SpellUI;
+        private static const TEXT_WITH_SPELLING_ERROR:String = "helloo";
+        private static const DICT:String = "en_GB";
+        [Before(async, timeout=5000)]
+        public function setUp():void
+        {
+            _textField = new RichEditableText();
+            UIImpersonator.addChild(_textField);
+            _textField.text = TEXT_WITH_SPELLING_ERROR;
+            var mockolateDispatcher:IEventDispatcher = prepare(IHighlighter, SpellingService);
+            mockolateDispatcher.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, Async.asyncHandler(this,
onSetUpComplete, 5000, null, null));
+        }
+        private static function onSetUpComplete(event:Event, passThroughData:Object):void
+        {
+            SpellUIForTest.sparkHighlighter = nice(IHighlighter);
+            SpellUIForTest.spellingService = nice(SpellingService, "spellingService", [DICT]);
+            _sut = new SpellUIForTest(_textField, DICT);
+        }
+        [After]
+        public function tearDown():void
+        {
+            UIImpersonator.removeAllChildren();
+            _textField = null;
+            _sut = null;
+        }
+        [Test(async, timeout=2500)]
+        public function make_sure_it_doesnt_run_a_spelling_job_on_damaged_text_flow():void
+        {
+            //when
+            stub(SpellUIForTest.spellingService).method("init").dispatches(new Event(Event.COMPLETE));
+            SpellUI.enableSpelling(_textField, "en_GB");
+            SpellUIForTest.eventDispatcher.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, Async.asyncHandler(this,
onDictionaryLoadComplete, 1500, null, null));
+        }
+        private function onDictionaryLoadComplete(event:Event, passThroughData:Object):void
+        {
+            //given
+            damageTextFlow();
+            //when
+            _sut.doSpellingJob();
+            //then
+            //doSpellingJob() is also called once after the dictionary finishes loading,
hence 'atMost(1)' below
+            assertThat(SpellUIForTest.sparkHighlighter, received().method("clearSquiggles").atMost(1));
+            assertThat(SpellUIForTest.spellingService, received().method("checkWord").never());
+        }
+        private function damageTextFlow():void
+        {
+            var editManager:EditManager = _textField.textFlow.interactionManager as EditManager;
+            var firstLine:FlowElement = editManager.textFlow.findLeaf(0);
+            var paragraph:ParagraphElement = firstLine.getParagraph();
+            var span:SpanElement = new SpanElement();
+            span.text = "  �  ";
+            paragraph.addChildAt(0, span);
+            assertTrue(_textField.textFlow.flowComposer.isDamaged(_textField.textFlow.textLength));
+        }
+    }
+import com.adobe.linguistics.spelling.SpellUI;
+import com.adobe.linguistics.spelling.framework.SpellingService;
+import com.adobe.linguistics.spelling.framework.ui.HaloHighlighter;
+import com.adobe.linguistics.spelling.framework.ui.IHighlighter;
+import flash.events.Event;
+import flash.events.EventDispatcher;
+import flash.events.IEventDispatcher;
+import flash.events.TimerEvent;
+import flash.utils.Timer;
+class SpellUIForTest extends SpellUI
+    public static var sparkHighlighter:IHighlighter;
+    public static var spellingService:SpellingService;
+    public static var eventDispatcher:IEventDispatcher = new EventDispatcher();
+    private static var _timer:Timer = new Timer(100, 1);
+    public function SpellUIForTest(textModel:*, lang:String)
+    {
+        _timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE, onTimer);
+        super(textModel, lang);
+    }
+    private function onTimer(event:TimerEvent):void
+    {
+        eventDispatcher.dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.COMPLETE));
+    }
+    override protected function createHighlighter(isHaloComoponent:Boolean, parent:*):IHighlighter
+    {
+        //we're not dispatching the complete event just yet because this function is called
+        //some extra processing is done after the dictionary is loaded. See SpellUI.addContextMenu()
+        _timer.stop();
+        _timer.reset();
+        _timer.start();
+        return isHaloComoponent ? new HaloHighlighter(parent) : sparkHighlighter;
+    }
+    override protected function createSpellingService(dictionaryName:String):SpellingService
+    {
+        return spellingService;
+    }

diff --git a/Squiggly/main/SpellingUIEx/tests/com/adobe/linguistics/spelling/SpellingConfig.xml
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..64ac97d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Squiggly/main/SpellingUIEx/tests/com/adobe/linguistics/spelling/SpellingConfig.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding='UTF-8'?>
+  <LanguageResource language="English GB" 
+					languageCode="en_GB" 
+					ruleFile="dictionaries/en_GB/en_GB.aff"
+					dictionaryFile="dictionaries/en_GB/en_GB.dic"/>

diff --git a/Squiggly/main/SpellingUIEx/tests/com/adobe/linguistics/spelling/dictionaries/en_GB/en_GB.aff
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..dc71ace
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Squiggly/main/SpellingUIEx/tests/com/adobe/linguistics/spelling/dictionaries/en_GB/en_GB.aff
@@ -0,0 +1,1150 @@
+# Affix file for British English MySpell dictionary
+# Also suitable as basis for Commonwealth and European English.
+# Built from scratch for MySpell. Released under LGPL.
+# David Bartlett, Andrew Brown.
+# R 1.18, 11/04/05
+SET ISO8859-1
+TRY esia�nrtolcdugmfphbyvkw-'.zqjxSNRTLCGDMFPHBEAUYOIVKW����ZQJX����������
+REP 27
+REP f ph
+REP ph f
+REP f gh
+REP f ugh
+REP gh f
+REP ff ugh
+REP uf ough
+REP uff ough
+REP k ch
+REP ch k
+REP dg j
+REP j dg
+REP w ugh
+REP ness ity
+REP leness ility
+REP ness ivity
+REP eness ity
+REP og ogue
+REP ck qu
+REP ck que
+REP eg e.g.
+REP ie i.e.
+REP t ght
+REP ght t
+REP ok OK
+REP ts ce
+REP ce ts
+PFX A Y 2
+PFX A 0 re [^e] 
+PFX A 0 re- e 
+PFX a Y 1
+PFX a 0 mis . 
+PFX I Y 4
+PFX I 0 il l 
+PFX I 0 ir r 
+PFX I 0 im [bmp] 
+PFX I 0 in [^blmpr] 
+PFX c Y 1
+PFX c 0 over . 
+PFX U Y 1
+PFX U 0 un . 
+PFX C Y 2
+PFX C 0 de [^e] 
+PFX C 0 de- e 
+PFX E Y 1
+PFX E 0 dis . 
+PFX F Y 5
+PFX F 0 com [bmp]
+PFX F 0 co [aeiouh]
+PFX F 0 cor r
+PFX F 0 col l
+PFX F 0 con [^abehilmopru]. 
+PFX K Y 1
+PFX K 0 pre . 
+PFX e Y 1
+PFX e 0 out . 
+PFX f Y 2
+PFX f 0 under [^r] 
+PFX f 0 under- r 
+PFX O Y 1
+PFX O 0 non- . 
+PFX 4 Y 1
+PFX 4 0 trans . 
+SFX V Y 15
+SFX V 0 tive [aio] 
+SFX V b ptive b 
+SFX V d sive d 
+SFX V be ptive be 
+SFX V e tive ce 
+SFX V de sive de 
+SFX V ke cative ke 
+SFX V e ptive me 
+SFX V e ive [st]e 
+SFX V e ative [^bcdkmst]e 
+SFX V 0 lative [aeiou]l 
+SFX V 0 ative [^aeiou]l 
+SFX V 0 ive [st] 
+SFX V y icative y 
+SFX V 0 ative [^abdeilosty] 
+SFX v Y 15
+SFX v 0 tively [aio] 
+SFX v b ptively b 
+SFX v d sively d 
+SFX v be ptively be 
+SFX v e tively ce 
+SFX v de sively de 
+SFX v ke catively ke 
+SFX v e ptively me 
+SFX v e ively [st]e 
+SFX v e atively [^bcdkmst]e 
+SFX v 0 latively [aeiou]l 
+SFX v 0 atively [^aeiou]l 
+SFX v 0 ively [st] 
+SFX v y icatively y 
+SFX v 0 atively [^abdeilosty] 
+SFX u Y 15
+SFX u 0 tiveness [aio] 
+SFX u b ptiveness b 
+SFX u d siveness d 
+SFX u be ptiveness be 
+SFX u e tiveness ce 
+SFX u de siveness de 
+SFX u ke cativeness ke 
+SFX u e ptiveness me 
+SFX u e iveness [st]e 
+SFX u e ativeness [^bcdkmst]e 
+SFX u 0 lativeness [aeiou]l 
+SFX u 0 ativeness [^aeiou]l 
+SFX u 0 iveness [st] 
+SFX u y icativeness y 
+SFX u 0 ativeness [^abdeilosty] 
+SFX N Y 26
+SFX N b ption b 
+SFX N d sion d 
+SFX N be ption be 
+SFX N e tion ce 
+SFX N de sion de 
+SFX N ke cation ke 
+SFX N e ption ume 
+SFX N e mation [^u]me 
+SFX N e ion [^o]se 
+SFX N e ition ose 
+SFX N e ation [iou]te 
+SFX N e ion [^iou]te 
+SFX N e ation [^bcdkmst]e 
+SFX N el ulsion el 
+SFX N 0 lation [aiou]l 
+SFX N 0 ation [^aeiou]l 
+SFX N 0 mation [aeiou]m 
+SFX N 0 ation [^aeiou]m 
+SFX N er ration er 
+SFX N 0 ation [^e]r 
+SFX N 0 ion [sx] 
+SFX N t ssion mit 
+SFX N 0 ion [^m]it 
+SFX N 0 ation [^i]t 
+SFX N y ication y 
+SFX N 0 ation [^bdelmrstxy] 
+SFX n Y 28
+SFX n 0 tion a 
+SFX n e tion ce 
+SFX n ke cation ke 
+SFX n e ation [iou]te 
+SFX n e ion [^iou]te 
+SFX n e ation [^ckt]e 
+SFX n el ulsion el 
+SFX n 0 lation [aiou]l 
+SFX n 0 ation [^aeiou]l 
+SFX n er ration er 
+SFX n 0 ation [^e]r 
+SFX n y ation py 
+SFX n y ication [^p]y 
+SFX n 0 ation [^aelry] 
+SFX n 0 tions a 
+SFX n e tions ce 
+SFX n ke cations ke 
+SFX n e ations [iou]te 
+SFX n e ions [^iou]te 
+SFX n e ations [^ckt]e 
+SFX n el ulsions el 
+SFX n 0 lations [aiou]l 
+SFX n 0 ations [^aeiou]l 
+SFX n er rations er 
+SFX n 0 ations [^e]r 
+SFX n y ations py 
+SFX n y ications [^p]y 
+SFX n 0 ations [^aelry] 
+SFX X Y 26
+SFX X b ptions b 
+SFX X d sions d 
+SFX X be ptions be 
+SFX X e tions ce 
+SFX X ke cations ke 
+SFX X de sions de 
+SFX X e ptions ume 
+SFX X e mations [^u]me 
+SFX X e ions [^o]se 
+SFX X e itions ose 
+SFX X e ations [iou]te 
+SFX X e ions [^iou]te 
+SFX X e ations [^bcdkmst]e 
+SFX X el ulsions el 
+SFX X 0 lations [aiou]l 
+SFX X 0 ations [^aeiou]l 
+SFX X 0 mations [aeiou]m 
+SFX X 0 ations [^aeiou]m 
+SFX X er rations er 
+SFX X 0 ations [^e]r 
+SFX X 0 ions [sx] 
+SFX X t ssions mit 
+SFX X 0 ions [^m]it 
+SFX X 0 ations [^i]t 
+SFX X y ications y 
+SFX X 0 ations [^bdelmrstxy] 
+SFX x Y 40
+SFX x b ptional b 
+SFX x d sional d 
+SFX x be ptional be 
+SFX x e tional ce 
+SFX x ke cational ke 
+SFX x de sional de 
+SFX x e ional [^o]se 
+SFX x e itional ose 
+SFX x e ional te 
+SFX x e ational [^bcdkst]e 
+SFX x el ulsional el 
+SFX x 0 lational [aiou]l 
+SFX x 0 ational [^aeiou]l 
+SFX x er rational er 
+SFX x 0 ational [^e]r 
+SFX x 0 ional [sx] 
+SFX x 0 ional [^n]t 
+SFX x 0 ational nt 
+SFX x y icational y 
+SFX x 0 ational [^bdelrstxy] 
+SFX x b ptionally b 
+SFX x d sionally d 
+SFX x be ptionally be 
+SFX x e tionally ce 
+SFX x ke cationally ke 
+SFX x de sionally de 
+SFX x e ionally [^o]se 
+SFX x e itionally ose 
+SFX x e ionally te 
+SFX x e ationally [^bcdkst]e 
+SFX x el ulsionally el 
+SFX x 0 lationally [aiou]l 
+SFX x 0 ationally [^aeiou]l 
+SFX x er rationally er 
+SFX x 0 ationally [^e]r 
+SFX x 0 ionally [sx] 
+SFX x 0 ionally [^n]t 
+SFX x 0 ationally nt 
+SFX x y icationally y 
+SFX x 0 ationally [^bdelrstxy] 
+SFX H N 13
+SFX H y ieth y 
+SFX H ree ird ree 
+SFX H ve fth ve 
+SFX H e th [^ev]e 
+SFX H 0 h t 
+SFX H 0 th [^ety] 
+SFX H y ieths y 
+SFX H ree irds ree 
+SFX H ve fths ve 
+SFX H e ths [^ev]e 
+SFX H 0 hs t 
+SFX H 0 ths [^ety] 
+SFX H 0 fold . 
+SFX Y Y 9
+SFX Y 0 ally ic 
+SFX Y 0 ly [^i]c 
+SFX Y e y [^aeiou]le 
+SFX Y 0 ly [aeiou]le 
+SFX Y 0 ly [^l]e 
+SFX Y 0 y [^aeiou]l 
+SFX Y y ily [^aeiou]y 
+SFX Y 0 ly [aeiou][ly] 
+SFX Y 0 ly [^cely] 
+SFX G Y 24
+SFX G e ing [^eioy]e 
+SFX G 0 ing [eoy]e 
+SFX G ie ying ie 
+SFX G 0 bing [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX G 0 king [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX G 0 ding [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX G 0 fing [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX G 0 ging [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX G 0 king [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX G 0 ling [^aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX G 0 ing [aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX G 0 ling [^aeo]al 
+SFX G 0 ing [aeo]al 
+SFX G 0 ming [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX G 0 ning [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX G 0 ping [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX G 0 ring [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX G 0 sing [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX G 0 ting [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX G 0 ving [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX G 0 zing [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX G 0 ing [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgkmnprstvz] 
+SFX G 0 ing [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX G 0 ing [^ebcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX J Y 25
+SFX J e ings [^eioy]e 
+SFX J 0 ings [eoy]e 
+SFX J ie yings ie 
+SFX J 0 bings [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX J 0 king [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX J 0 dings [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX J 0 fings [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX J 0 gings [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX J 0 kings [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX J 0 lings [^aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX J 0 ings [aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX J 0 lings [^aeo]al 
+SFX J 0 ings [aeo]al 
+SFX J 0 mings [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX J 0 nings [^aeio][aiou]n 
+SFX J 0 pings [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX J 0 rings [^aeio][aiou]r 
+SFX J 0 sings [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX J 0 tings [^aeio][aiou]t 
+SFX J 0 vings [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX J 0 zings [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX J 0 ings [^aeio]e[nrt] 
+SFX J 0 ings [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgkmnprstvz] 
+SFX J 0 ings [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX J 0 ings [^ebcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX k Y 8
+SFX k e ingly [^eioy]e 
+SFX k 0 ingly [eoy]e 
+SFX k ie yingly ie 
+SFX k 0 kingly [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX k 0 lingly [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX k 0 ingly [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX k 0 ingly [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX k 0 ingly [^ecl] 
+SFX D Y 25
+SFX D 0 d [^e]e 
+SFX D e d ee 
+SFX D 0 bed [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX D 0 ked [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX D 0 ded [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX D 0 fed [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX D 0 ged [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX D 0 ked [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX D 0 led [^aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX D 0 ed [aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX D 0 led [^aeo]al 
+SFX D 0 ed [aeo]al 
+SFX D 0 med [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX D 0 ned [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX D 0 ped [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX D 0 red [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX D 0 sed [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX D 0 ted [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX D 0 ved [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX D 0 zed [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX D y ied [^aeiou]y 
+SFX D 0 ed [aeiou]y 
+SFX D 0 ed [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgkmnprstvz] 
+SFX D 0 ed [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX D 0 ed [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX d Y 16
+SFX d 0 d e 
+SFX d 0 ked [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX d 0 led [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX d y ied [^aeiou]y 
+SFX d 0 ed [aeiou]y 
+SFX d 0 ed [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX d 0 ed [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX d 0 ed [^ecly] 
+SFX d e ing [^eioy]e 
+SFX d 0 ing [eoy]e 
+SFX d ie ying ie 
+SFX d 0 king [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX d 0 ling [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX d 0 ing [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX d 0 ing [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX d 0 ing [^ecl] 
+SFX h Y 22
+SFX h 0 dly e 
+SFX h 0 bedly [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX h 0 kedly [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX h 0 dedly [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX h 0 fedly [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX h 0 gedly [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX h 0 kedly [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX h 0 ledly [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX h 0 medly [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX h 0 nedly [^aeio][aiou]n 
+SFX h 0 pedly [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX h 0 redly [^aeio][aiou]r 
+SFX h 0 sedly [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX h 0 tedly [^aeio][aiou]t 
+SFX h 0 vedly [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX h 0 zedly [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX h 0 edly [^aeio]e[nrt] 
+SFX h y iedly [^aeiou]y 
+SFX h 0 edly [aeiou]y 
+SFX h 0 edly [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX h 0 edly [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX h 0 edly [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX i Y 22
+SFX i 0 dness e 
+SFX i 0 bedness [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX i 0 kedness [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX i 0 dedness [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX i 0 fedness [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX i 0 gedness [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX i 0 kedness [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX i 0 ledness [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX i 0 medness [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX i 0 nedness [^aeio][aiou]n 
+SFX i 0 pedness [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX i 0 redness [^aeio][aiou]r 
+SFX i 0 sedness [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX i 0 tedness [^aeio][aiou]t 
+SFX i 0 vedness [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX i 0 zedness [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX i 0 edness [^aeio]e[nrt] 
+SFX i y iedness [^aeiou]y 
+SFX i 0 edness [aeiou]y 
+SFX i 0 edness [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX i 0 edness [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX i 0 edness [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX T Y 42
+SFX T 0 r e 
+SFX T 0 st e
+SFX T 0 ber [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX T 0 best [^aeio][aeiou]b
+SFX T 0 ker [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX T 0 kest [^aeio][aeiou]c
+SFX T 0 der [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX T 0 dest [^aeio][aeiou]d
+SFX T 0 fer [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX T 0 fest [^aeio][aeiou]f
+SFX T 0 ger [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX T 0 gest [^aeio][aeiou]g
+SFX T 0 ker [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX T 0 kest [^aeio][aeiou]k
+SFX T 0 ler [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX T 0 lest [^aeio][aeiou]l
+SFX T 0 mer [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX T 0 mest [^aeio][aeiou]m
+SFX T 0 ner [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX T 0 nest [^aeio][aeiou]n
+SFX T 0 per [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX T 0 pest [^aeio][aeiou]p
+SFX T 0 rer [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX T 0 rest [^aeio][aeiou]r
+SFX T 0 ser [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX T 0 sest [^aeio][aeiou]s
+SFX T 0 ter [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX T 0 test [^aeio][aeiou]t
+SFX T 0 ver [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX T 0 vest [^aeio][aeiou]v
+SFX T 0 zer [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX T 0 zest [^aeio][aeiou]z
+SFX T y ier [^aeiou]y 
+SFX T y iest [^aeiou]y
+SFX T 0 er [aeiou]y 
+SFX T 0 est [aeiou]y
+SFX T 0 er [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz]
+SFX T 0 er [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz]
+SFX T 0 er [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz]
+SFX T 0 est [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz]
+SFX T 0 est [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz]
+SFX T 0 est [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz]
+SFX R Y 72
+SFX R 0 r e 
+SFX R 0 rs e 
+SFX R 0 ber [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX R 0 bers [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX R 0 ker [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX R 0 kers [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX R 0 der [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX R 0 ders [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX R 0 fer [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX R 0 fers [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX R 0 ger [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX R 0 gers [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX R 0 ker [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX R 0 kers [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX R 0 ler [^aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX R 0 er [aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX R 0 ler [^aeo]al 
+SFX R 0 er [aeo]al 
+SFX R 0 lers [^aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX R 0 ers [aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX R 0 lers [^aeo]al 
+SFX R 0 ers [aeo]al 
+SFX R 0 mer [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX R 0 mers [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX R 0 ner [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX R 0 ners [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX R 0 per [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX R 0 pers [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX R 0 rer [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX R 0 rers [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX R 0 ser [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX R 0 sers [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX R 0 ter [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX R 0 ters [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX R 0 ver [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX R 0 vers [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX R 0 zer [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX R 0 zers [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX R y ier [^aeiou]y 
+SFX R y iers [^aeiou]y 
+SFX R 0 er [aeiou]y 
+SFX R 0 ers [aeiou]y 
+SFX R 0 er [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgkmnprstvz] 
+SFX R 0 ers [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgkmnprstvz] 
+SFX R 0 er [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX R 0 ers [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX R 0 er [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX R 0 ers [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX R 0 r's e 
+SFX R 0 ber's [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX R 0 ker's [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX R 0 der's [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX R 0 fer's [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX R 0 ger's [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX R 0 ker's [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX R 0 ler's [^aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX R 0 er's [aeio][eiou]l 
+SFX R 0 ler's [^aeo]al 
+SFX R 0 er's [aeo]al 
+SFX R 0 mer's [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX R 0 ner's [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX R 0 per's [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX R 0 rer's [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX R 0 ser's [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX R 0 ter's [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX R 0 ver's [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX R 0 zer's [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX R y ier's [^aeiou]y 
+SFX R 0 er's [aeiou]y 
+SFX R 0 er's [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgkmnprstvz] 
+SFX R 0 er's [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX R 0 er's [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX r Y 24
+SFX r 0 r e 
+SFX r 0 ler [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX r 0 ker [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX r y ier [^aeiou]y 
+SFX r 0 er [aeiou]y 
+SFX r 0 er [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX r 0 er [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX r 0 er [^ecly] 
+SFX r 0 rs e 
+SFX r 0 lers [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX r 0 kers [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX r y iers [^aeiou]y 
+SFX r 0 ers [aeiou]y 
+SFX r 0 ers [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX r 0 ers [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX r 0 ers [^ecly] 
+SFX r 0 r's e 
+SFX r 0 ler's [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX r 0 ker's [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX r y ier's [^aeiou]y 
+SFX r 0 er's [aeiou]y 
+SFX r 0 er's [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX r 0 er's [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX r 0 er's [^ecly] 
+SFX S Y 9
+SFX S y ies [^aeiou]y 
+SFX S 0 s [aeiou]y 
+SFX S 0 es [sxz] 
+SFX S 0 es [cs]h 
+SFX S 0 s [^cs]h 
+SFX S 0 s [ae]u 
+SFX S 0 x [ae]u 
+SFX S 0 s [^ae]u 
+SFX S 0 s [^hsuxyz]
+SFX P Y 6
+SFX P y iness [^aeiou]y 
+SFX P 0 ness [aeiou]y 
+SFX P 0 ness [^y] 
+SFX P y iness's [^aeiou]y 
+SFX P 0 ness's [aeiou]y 
+SFX P 0 ness's [^y] 
+SFX m Y 20
+SFX m 0 sman [bdknmt] 
+SFX m 0 sman [aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 man [^aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 man [^bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 man [^bdeknmt] 
+SFX m 0 smen [bdknmt] 
+SFX m 0 smen [aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 men [^aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 men [^bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 men [^bdeknmt] 
+SFX m 0 sman's [bdknmt] 
+SFX m 0 sman's [aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 man's [^aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 man's [^bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 man's [^bdeknmt] 
+SFX m 0 smen's [bdknmt] 
+SFX m 0 smen's [aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 men's [^aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 men's [^bdklmnt]e 
+SFX m 0 men's [^bdeknmt] 
+SFX 5 Y 15
+SFX 5 0 swoman [bdknmt] 
+SFX 5 0 swoman [aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 woman [^aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 woman [^bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 woman [^bdeknmt] 
+SFX 5 0 swomen [bdknmt] 
+SFX 5 0 swomen [aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 women [^aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 women [^bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 women [^bdeknmt] 
+SFX 5 0 swoman's [bdknmt] 
+SFX 5 0 swoman's [aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 woman's [^aeiou][bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 woman's [^bdklmnt]e 
+SFX 5 0 woman's [^bdeknmt] 
+SFX 6 Y 3
+SFX 6 y iful [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 6 0 ful [aeiou]y 
+SFX 6 0 ful [^y] 
+SFX j Y 3
+SFX j y ifully [^aeiou]y 
+SFX j 0 fully [aeiou]y 
+SFX j 0 fully [^y] 
+SFX p Y 5
+SFX p y iless [^aeiou]y 
+SFX p 0 less [aeiou]y 
+SFX p 0 ess ll 
+SFX p 0 less [^l]l 
+SFX p 0 less [^ly] 
+SFX Q Y 44
+SFX Q 0 tise a 
+SFX Q e ise [^l]e 
+SFX Q le ilise [^aeiou]le 
+SFX Q e ise [aeiou]le 
+SFX Q um ise um 
+SFX Q 0 ise [^u]m 
+SFX Q s se is 
+SFX Q 0 ise [^i]s 
+SFX Q y ise [^aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ise [aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ise [^aemsy] 
+SFX Q 0 tises a 
+SFX Q e ises [^l]e 
+SFX Q le ilises [^aeiou]le 
+SFX Q e ises [aeiou]le 
+SFX Q um ises um 
+SFX Q 0 ises [^u]m 
+SFX Q s ses is 
+SFX Q 0 ises [^i]s 
+SFX Q y ises [^aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ises [aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ises [^aemsy] 
+SFX Q 0 tised a 
+SFX Q e ised [^l]e 
+SFX Q le ilised [^aeiou]le 
+SFX Q e ised [aeiou]le 
+SFX Q um ised um 
+SFX Q 0 ised [^u]m 
+SFX Q s sed is 
+SFX Q 0 ised [^i]s 
+SFX Q y ised [^aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ised [aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ised [^aemsy] 
+SFX Q 0 tising a 
+SFX Q e ising [^l]e 
+SFX Q le ilising [^aeiou]le 
+SFX Q e ising [aeiou]le 
+SFX Q um ising um 
+SFX Q 0 ising [^u]m 
+SFX Q s sing is 
+SFX Q 0 ising [^i]s 
+SFX Q y ising [^aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ising [aeiou]y 
+SFX Q 0 ising [^aemsy] 
+SFX 8 Y 44
+SFX 8 0 tize a 
+SFX 8 e ize [^l]e 
+SFX 8 le ilize [^aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 e ize [aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 um ize um 
+SFX 8 0 ize [^u]m 
+SFX 8 s ze is 
+SFX 8 0 ize [^i]s 
+SFX 8 y ize [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 ize [aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 ize [^aemsy] 
+SFX 8 0 tizes a 
+SFX 8 e izes [^l]e 
+SFX 8 le ilizes [^aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 e izes [aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 um izes um 
+SFX 8 0 izes [^u]m 
+SFX 8 s zes is 
+SFX 8 0 izes [^i]s 
+SFX 8 y izes [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 izes [aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 izes [^aemsy] 
+SFX 8 0 tized a 
+SFX 8 e ized [^l]e 
+SFX 8 le ilized [^aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 e ized [aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 um ized um 
+SFX 8 0 ized [^u]m 
+SFX 8 s zed is 
+SFX 8 0 ized [^i]s 
+SFX 8 y ized [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 ized [aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 ized [^aemsy] 
+SFX 8 0 tizing a 
+SFX 8 e izing [^l]e 
+SFX 8 le ilizing [^aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 e izing [aeiou]le 
+SFX 8 um izing um 
+SFX 8 0 izing [^u]m 
+SFX 8 s zing is 
+SFX 8 0 izing [^i]s 
+SFX 8 y izing [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 izing [aeiou]y 
+SFX 8 0 izing [^aemsy] 
+SFX q Y 22
+SFX q 0 tisation a 
+SFX q e isation [^l]e 
+SFX q le ilisation [^aeiou]le 
+SFX q e isation [aeiou]le 
+SFX q um isation um 
+SFX q 0 isation [^u]m 
+SFX q s sation is 
+SFX q 0 isation [^i]s 
+SFX q y isation [^aeiou]y 
+SFX q 0 isation [aeiou]y 
+SFX q 0 isation [^aemsy] 
+SFX q 0 tisations a 
+SFX q e isations [^l]e 
+SFX q le ilisations [^aeiou]le 
+SFX q e isations [aeiou]le 
+SFX q um isations um 
+SFX q 0 isations [^u]m 
+SFX q s sations is 
+SFX q 0 isations [^i]s 
+SFX q y isations [^aeiou]y 
+SFX q 0 isations [aeiou]y 
+SFX q 0 isations [^aemsy] 
+SFX - Y 22
+SFX - 0 tization a 
+SFX - e ization [^l]e 
+SFX - le ilization [^aeiou]le 
+SFX - e ization [aeiou]le 
+SFX - um ization um 
+SFX - 0 ization [^u]m 
+SFX - s zation is 
+SFX - 0 ization [^i]s 
+SFX - y ization [^aeiou]y 
+SFX - 0 ization [aeiou]y 
+SFX - 0 ization [^aemsy] 
+SFX - 0 tizations a 
+SFX - e izations [^l]e 
+SFX - le ilizations [^aeiou]le 
+SFX - e izations [aeiou]le 
+SFX - um izations um 
+SFX - 0 izations [^u]m 
+SFX - s zations is 
+SFX - 0 izations [^i]s 
+SFX - y izations [^aeiou]y 
+SFX - 0 izations [aeiou]y 
+SFX - 0 izations [^aemsy] 
+SFX s Y 33
+SFX s 0 tiser a 
+SFX s e iser [^l]e 
+SFX s le iliser [^aeiou]le 
+SFX s e iser [aeiou]le 
+SFX s um iser um 
+SFX s 0 iser [^u]m 
+SFX s s ser is 
+SFX s 0 iser [^i]s 
+SFX s y iser [^aeiou]y 
+SFX s 0 iser [aeiou]y 
+SFX s 0 iser [^aemsy] 
+SFX s 0 tisers a 
+SFX s e isers [^l]e 
+SFX s le ilisers [^aeiou]le 
+SFX s e isers [aeiou]le 
+SFX s um isers um 
+SFX s 0 isers [^u]m 
+SFX s s sers is 
+SFX s 0 isers [^i]s 
+SFX s y isers [^aeiou]y 
+SFX s 0 isers [aeiou]y 
+SFX s 0 isers [^aemsy] 
+SFX s 0 tiser's a 
+SFX s e iser's [^l]e 
+SFX s le iliser's [^aeiou]le 
+SFX s e iser's [aeiou]le 
+SFX s um iser's um 
+SFX s 0 iser's [^u]m 
+SFX s s ser's is 
+SFX s 0 iser's [^i]s 
+SFX s y iser's [^aeiou]y 
+SFX s 0 iser's [aeiou]y 
+SFX s 0 iser's [^aemsy] 
+SFX 9 Y 33
+SFX 9 0 tizer a 
+SFX 9 e izer [^l]e 
+SFX 9 le ilizer [^aeiou]le 
+SFX 9 e izer [aeiou]le 
+SFX 9 um izer um 
+SFX 9 0 izer [^u]m 
+SFX 9 s zer is 
+SFX 9 0 izer [^i]s 
+SFX 9 y izer [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 9 0 izer [aeiou]y 
+SFX 9 0 izer [^aemsy] 
+SFX 9 0 tizers a 
+SFX 9 e izers [^l]e 
+SFX 9 le ilizers [^aeiou]le 
+SFX 9 e izers [aeiou]le 
+SFX 9 um izers um 
+SFX 9 0 izers [^u]m 
+SFX 9 s zers is 
+SFX 9 0 izers [^i]s 
+SFX 9 y izers [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 9 0 izers [aeiou]y 
+SFX 9 0 izers [^aemsy] 
+SFX 9 0 tizer's a 
+SFX 9 e izer's [^l]e 
+SFX 9 le ilizer's [^aeiou]le 
+SFX 9 e izer's [aeiou]le 
+SFX 9 um izer's um 
+SFX 9 0 izer's [^u]m 
+SFX 9 s zer's is 
+SFX 9 0 izer's [^i]s 
+SFX 9 y izer's [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 9 0 izer's [aeiou]y 
+SFX 9 0 izer's [^aemsy] 
+SFX t Y 22
+SFX t 0 tisable a 
+SFX t e isable [^l]e 
+SFX t le ilisable [^aeiou]le 
+SFX t e isable [aeiou]le 
+SFX t um isable um 
+SFX t 0 isable [^u]m 
+SFX t s sable is 
+SFX t 0 isable [^i]s 
+SFX t y isable [^aeiou]y 
+SFX t 0 isable [aeiou]y 
+SFX t 0 isable [^aemsy] 
+SFX t 0 tisability a 
+SFX t e isability [^l]e 
+SFX t le ilisability [^aeiou]le 
+SFX t e isability [aeiou]le 
+SFX t um isability um 
+SFX t 0 isability [^u]m 
+SFX t s sability is 
+SFX t 0 isability [^i]s 
+SFX t y isability [^aeiou]y 
+SFX t 0 isability [aeiou]y 
+SFX t 0 isability [^aemsy] 
+SFX + Y 22
+SFX + 0 tizable a 
+SFX + e izable [^l]e 
+SFX + le ilizable [^aeiou]le 
+SFX + e izable [aeiou]le 
+SFX + um izable um 
+SFX + 0 izable [^u]m 
+SFX + s zable is 
+SFX + 0 izable [^i]s 
+SFX + y izable [^aeiou]y 
+SFX + 0 izable [aeiou]y 
+SFX + 0 izable [^aemsy] 
+SFX + 0 tizability a 
+SFX + e izability [^l]e 
+SFX + le ilizability [^aeiou]le 
+SFX + e izability [aeiou]le 
+SFX + um izability um 
+SFX + 0 izability [^u]m 
+SFX + s zability is 
+SFX + 0 izability [^i]s 
+SFX + y izability [^aeiou]y 
+SFX + 0 izability [aeiou]y 
+SFX + 0 izability [^aemsy] 
+SFX M Y 1
+SFX M 0 's . 
+SFX B Y 48
+SFX B e able [^acegilotu]e 
+SFX B 0 able [acegilou]e 
+SFX B te ble ate 
+SFX B e able [^a]te 
+SFX B 0 bable [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX B 0 kable [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX B 0 dable [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX B 0 fable [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX B 0 gable [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX B 0 kable [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX B 0 lable [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX B 0 mable [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX B 0 nable [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX B 0 pable [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX B 0 rable [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX B 0 sable [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX B 0 table [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX B 0 vable [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX B 0 zable [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX B 0 able [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX B 0 able [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX B y iable [^aeiou]y 
+SFX B 0 able [aeiou]y 
+SFX B 0 able [^ebcdfgklmnprstvzy] 
+SFX B e ability [^acegilotu]e 
+SFX B 0 ability [acegilou]e 
+SFX B te bility ate 
+SFX B e ability [^a]te 
+SFX B 0 bability [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX B 0 kability [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX B 0 dability [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX B 0 fability [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX B 0 gability [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX B 0 kability [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX B 0 lability [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX B 0 mability [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX B 0 nability [^aeio][aeiou]n 
+SFX B 0 pability [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX B 0 rability [^aeio][aeiou]r 
+SFX B 0 sability [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX B 0 tability [^aeio][aeiou]t 
+SFX B 0 vability [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX B 0 zability [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX B 0 ability [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX B 0 ability [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX B y iability [^aeiou]y 
+SFX B 0 ability [aeiou]y 
+SFX B 0 ability [^ebcdfgklmnprstvzy] 
+SFX 7 Y 9
+SFX 7 e able [acegilou]e 
+SFX 7 0 able [^acegilou]e 
+SFX 7 0 kable [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX 7 0 lable [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX 7 0 able [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX 7 0 able [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX 7 y iable [^aeiou]y 
+SFX 7 0 able [aeiou]y 
+SFX 7 0 able [^cely] 
+SFX g Y 9
+SFX g e ability [^acegilou]e 
+SFX g 0 ability [acegilou]e 
+SFX g 0 kability [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX g 0 lability [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX g 0 ability [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX g 0 ability [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX g y iability [^aeiou]y 
+SFX g 0 ability [aeiou]y 
+SFX g 0 ability [^cely] 
+SFX l Y 9
+SFX l e ably [^acegilou]e 
+SFX l 0 ably [acegilou]e 
+SFX l 0 kably [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX l 0 lably [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX l 0 ably [aeio][aeiou][cl] 
+SFX l 0 ably [^aeiou][cl] 
+SFX l y iably [^aeiou]y 
+SFX l 0 ably [aeiou]y 
+SFX l 0 ably [^cely] 
+SFX b Y 3
+SFX b e ible [^aeiou]e 
+SFX b 0 ible [aeiou]e 
+SFX b 0 ible [^e] 
+SFX L Y 12
+SFX L 0 ament m 
+SFX L y iment [^aeiou]y 
+SFX L 0 ment [aeiou]y 
+SFX L 0 ment [^my] 
+SFX L 0 aments m 
+SFX L y iments [^aeiou]y 
+SFX L 0 ments [aeiou]y 
+SFX L 0 ments [^my] 
+SFX L 0 ament's m 
+SFX L y iment's [^aeiou]y 
+SFX L 0 ment's [aeiou]y 
+SFX L 0 ment's [^my] 
+SFX Z Y 22
+SFX Z e y [^aeiouy]e 
+SFX Z 0 y [aeiouy]e 
+SFX Z 0 ey [aiouy] 
+SFX Z 0 by [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX Z 0 ky [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX Z 0 dy [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX Z 0 fy [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX Z 0 gy [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX Z 0 ky [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX Z 0 ly [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX Z 0 my [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX Z 0 ny [^aeio][aiou]n 
+SFX Z 0 py [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX Z 0 ry [^aeio][aiou]r 
+SFX Z 0 sy [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX Z 0 ty [^aeio][aiou]t 
+SFX Z 0 vy [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX Z 0 zy [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX Z 0 y [^aeio]e[nrt] 
+SFX Z 0 y [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX Z 0 y [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX Z 0 y [^aebcdfgiklmnoprstuvyz] 
+SFX 2 Y 21
+SFX 2 e iness [^aeiouy]e 
+SFX 2 0 iness [aeiouy]e 
+SFX 2 0 biness [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX 2 0 kiness [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX 2 0 diness [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX 2 0 finess [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX 2 0 giness [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX 2 0 kiness [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX 2 0 liness [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX 2 0 miness [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX 2 0 niness [^aeio][aiou]n 
+SFX 2 0 piness [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX 2 0 riness [^aeio][aiou]r 
+SFX 2 0 siness [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX 2 0 tiness [^aeio][aiou]t 
+SFX 2 0 viness [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX 2 0 ziness [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX 2 0 iness [^aeio]e[nrt] 
+SFX 2 0 iness [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX 2 0 iness [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX 2 0 iness [^ebcdfgklmnprstvz] 
+SFX z Y 24
+SFX z e ily [^aeiouy]e 
+SFX z 0 ily [aeiouy]e 
+SFX z 0 ily [aiou]y 
+SFX z ey ily ey 
+SFX z y ily [^aeiou]y 
+SFX z 0 bily [^aeio][aeiou]b 
+SFX z 0 kily [^aeio][aeiou]c 
+SFX z 0 dily [^aeio][aeiou]d 
+SFX z 0 fily [^aeio][aeiou]f 
+SFX z 0 gily [^aeio][aeiou]g 
+SFX z 0 kily [^aeio][aeiou]k 
+SFX z 0 lily [^aeio][aeiou]l 
+SFX z 0 mily [^aeio][aeiou]m 
+SFX z 0 nily [^aeio][aiou]n 
+SFX z 0 pily [^aeio][aeiou]p 
+SFX z 0 rily [^aeio][aiou]r 
+SFX z 0 sily [^aeio][aeiou]s 
+SFX z 0 tily [^aeio][aiou]t 
+SFX z 0 vily [^aeio][aeiou]v 
+SFX z 0 zily [^aeio][aeiou]z 
+SFX z 0 ily [^aeio]e[nrt] 
+SFX z 0 ily [aeio][aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX z 0 ily [^aeiou][bcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX z 0 ily [^ebcdfgklmnprstvyz] 
+SFX y Y 15
+SFX y e ory te 
+SFX y e atory [mr]e 
+SFX y e ary se 
+SFX y 0 ry [^mrst]e 
+SFX y 0 ory [^aeous]t 
+SFX y 0 ry [aeous]t 
+SFX y 0 ery h 
+SFX y 0 atory [^i]m 
+SFX y im matory im 
+SFX y 0 ory s 
+SFX y 0 ary ion 
+SFX y 0 ry [^i]on 
+SFX y 0 nery [aiu]n 
+SFX y 0 ry [^aiou]n 
+SFX y 0 ry [^ehmstn] 
+SFX O Y 12
+SFX O 0 l a 
+SFX O e al [^bcgv]e 
+SFX O e ial [bcgv]e 
+SFX O 0 ial [bcrx] 
+SFX O um al um 
+SFX O 0 al [^u]m 
+SFX O y al ty 
+SFX O y ial [^t]y 
+SFX O 0 ual [px]t 
+SFX O 0 tal [iu]t 
+SFX O 0 al [^ipux]t 
+SFX O 0 al [^aebcrtxmy] 
+SFX o Y 12
+SFX o 0 lly a 
+SFX o e ally [^bcgv]e 
+SFX o e ially [bcgv]e 
+SFX o 0 ially [bcrx] 
+SFX o um ally um 
+SFX o 0 ally [^u]m 
+SFX o y ally ty 
+SFX o y ially [^t]y 
+SFX o 0 ually [px]t 
+SFX o 0 tally [iu]t 
+SFX o 0 ally [^ipux]t 
+SFX o 0 ally [^aebcrtxmy] 
+SFX W Y 21
+SFX W ce tific ce 
+SFX W e atic me 
+SFX W se tic se 
+SFX W le ic ble 
+SFX W e ic [^b]le 
+SFX W e ic [^clms]e 
+SFX W 0 lic [ay]l 
+SFX W 0 ic [^ay]l 
+SFX W us ic us 
+SFX W 0 tic [^u]s 
+SFX W er ric er 
+SFX W 0 ic [^e]r 
+SFX W 0 atic [aeiou]m 
+SFX W 0 ic [^aeiou]m 
+SFX W 0 tic ma 
+SFX W a ic [^m]a 
+SFX W y etic thy 
+SFX W y ic [^t]hy 
+SFX W y tic sy 
+SFX W y ic [^hs]y 
+SFX W 0 ic [^aelmrsy] 
+SFX w Y 9
+SFX w e ical e 
+SFX w er rical er 
+SFX w 0 ical [^e]r 
+SFX w 0 atical [aeiou]m 
+SFX w 0 ical [^aeiou]m 
+SFX w 0 tical ma 
+SFX w a ical [^m]a 
+SFX w y ical y 
+SFX w 0 ical [^aemry] 
+SFX 1 Y 9
+SFX 1 e ically e 
+SFX 1 er rically er 
+SFX 1 0 ically [^e]r 
+SFX 1 0 atically [aeiou]m 
+SFX 1 0 ically [^aeiou]m 
+SFX 1 0 tically ma 
+SFX 1 a ically [^m]a 
+SFX 1 y ically y 
+SFX 1 0 ically [^aemry] 
+SFX 3 Y 21
+SFX 3 e ist [^aceiou]e 
+SFX 3 ce tist ce 
+SFX 3 0 ist [aeiou]e 
+SFX 3 y ist [^aeioubp]y 
+SFX 3 0 ist [aeioubp]y 
+SFX 3 o ist o 
+SFX 3 0 ists [^eoy] 
+SFX 3 e ists [^aceiou]e 
+SFX 3 ce tists ce 
+SFX 3 0 ists [aeiou]e 
+SFX 3 y ists [^aeioubp]y 
+SFX 3 0 ists [aeioubp]y 
+SFX 3 o ists o 
+SFX 3 0 ists [^eoy] 
+SFX 3 e ist's [^aceiou]e 
+SFX 3 ce tist's ce 
+SFX 3 0 ist's [aeiou]e 
+SFX 3 y ist's [^aeioubp]y 
+SFX 3 0 ist's [aeioubp]y 
+SFX 3 o ist's o 
+SFX 3 0 ist's [^eoy] 

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