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From Apache Jenkins Server <jenk...@builds.apache.org>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: flex-asjs #239
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2014 15:51:40 GMT
See <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/239/changes>


[pent] MobileTrader example: AS example that cross-compiles to JS and can be executed on a
mobile device using PhoneGap.

[aharui] update release notes with information about building the examples

[aharui] add warnings about setting up linters

[aharui] try linting on Windows

[aharui] add debug info to script

[aharui] need paths on windows?

[aharui] fix path problem in Windows bat files

[aharui] switch back to nightly falcon builds

[aharui] allow TestResult.java

[aharui] enhance install to use mirrors for release package, nightly falcon for nightly builds
and rc falcon for rc builds

[aharui] update version to 0.0.2

[aharui] update version to 0.0.2

[aharui] make sure we specify an empty list of themes for air (looks like it defaults to spark.css
if no specified at all)

[pent] Added an example of using Cordova/PhoneGap with FlexJS that makes use of a mobile device's
camera and photo library. The example lets you take a photo, or select one from the gallery,
and display it using the Image tag. This update includes wrapper classes for the Camera object
in AS and JS.

[aharui] ignore bin folders in examples

[aharui] fix script so it runs on its own

[aharui] add header and inject html

[aharui] switch to inject html

[aharui] clean up some warnings

[aharui] fix linting error

[aharui] fix linting error

[aharui] make AS Camera actually take a picture.  Needs better UI at some point

[aharui] Camera example uses AIR on AS side and requires FP11.4/AIR3.4

[aharui] run example as an air mobile app

[aharui] put the v in the vbox

[aharui] setting quality to 100 seems to get around getPicture crash bug on Android 4.1

[aharui] sometimes ant wants you to pre-make the folder tree

[aharui] add a Cordova Application class and a Weinre bead

[aharui] try to prevent caching of falconjx during nightly build installs

[pent] Adding Map class for use with Google Map API. FlexJS AIR app can display the map and
the app can be cross-compiled into JavaScript.

[pent] Example of using Google Maps API in a desktop (AIR) and JavaScript application.

[pent] Added a README to the DesktopMap example.

[pent] JavaScript version of maps.google.Map now dynamically/asynchrously loads the Google
Map API so there is no need to include the <script> tag in the index.html any longer.

[pent] Updated sample README to reflect change in SDK (no longer need to edit the index.html

[aharui] add some missing dependencies to Event.js

[aharui] this example needs to run in desktop profile (no htmlloader in mobile profile)

[aharui] tweak map demo so token not required

[pent] Added functions to set the map zoom level and to use geo-code API to locate an address
and display a marker.

[aharui] FormLayout/VerticalColumnLayout with an example

[aharui] fix release mode swfs

[aharui] AFAICT, ListView shouldn't be needed here

[aharui] allow Number in is/as checks

[aharui] add single value event

[aharui] add alpha property

[aharui] add newInstance to reduce use of 'Class' when cross-compiling

[aharui] add basic Move and Fade effects and an example

[pent] Added new functions to the Map class for searching, zooming, and map position.

[pent] Modification to map example that includes searching. Work in progress.

[pent] Made a private function public to fix compilation issue.

[pent] Fixed issues found by gjslint.

[aharui] Update release notes

[aharui] add more info about environment variables for a binary package

[aharui] build and clean new examples

[aharui] add checksums to the install scripts.  A new string was added that needs translation.
 And the checksum computation in the installer is quite slow and probably needs optimization

[pent] Updated Map API with new classes and more functions.

[aharui] ant-based caching appeas to work

[aharui] add timestamps to key URLs to bypass browser cache

[pent] Added get_type() to Event.js so cross-compiled code will work: In ActionScript, event.type
is cross-compiled to event.get_type().

[pent] Updated Map classes with corresponding JavaScript versions of the ActionScript classes
for Google Map place and location searches.

[pent] Added MapSearch example.

[pent] Better handling of padding values for buttons.

[pent] Updated Map example with a few styles.

[aharui] get rid of some warnings

[aharui] fix air and flash downloading

[aharui] update release notes

[aharui] use path to java on Windows

[aharui] get rid of a few more warnings

[aharui] need quotes around java executable

[pent] Label now supports top and bottom padding, plus the width adjusts based on the text.
Buttons have better sizing with respect to padding.

[pent] Removing getters for Label and Button to allow view beads to determine size.

[aharui] switch swfobject to github and allow for server based language overrides

[aharui] forgot to change folder on server properties

[pent] Updates to Map component set. Map now uses its own MapModel along with map-specific
data classes such as Marker and Place.

[aharui] approval script

[aharui] got it working on Windows

[aharui] add caching info to log

[aharui] need airglobal to doc some files

[aharui] fix an asdoc error

[aharui] forgot to add md5 server url logic

[pent] Update map example to use new Map API and model.

[pent] This non-Flex, ActionScript class, corresponds to one in the Google Maps API library.
An ActionScript version is necessary so that an external reference can be used when cross-compiling
to JavaScript.

[pent] Updated MapSearch example to use google.maps.MarkerOptions to debug external-js-lib
Falcon option.

[pent] Added MarkerOptions to classes.as so it will be available in the SWC.

[pent] Added clickKiller code from Button to UIBase.

[aharui] try the github version of closure library

[aharui] chinese translations from Darkstone

[aharui] bundle Google Closure Library

[aharui] additional chinese translations from Darkstone

[aharui] remove goog step now that it is bundled

[pent] Removed temporary change for JS externs test.

[erik] Replaced 'goog.base' with '[qname].base' to make the framework compatible with ES5
strict mode.

[aharui] need to clean mobile trader

[aharui] Revert "remove goog step now that it is bundled"

[aharui] Revert "bundle Google Closure Library"

[pent] Added ImageTest to FlexJS examples.

[aharui] handle 14 beta in install script

[aharui] pickup GCL urls from -config-4.0.xml file

[aharui] revert messed up line endings from SVN's perspective

[aharui] fix GCL install

[aharui] add viewHeight/viewWidth to view beads on the AS side because we can't always trust
the sprite bounding box size

[aharui] missed a few things in the prior commit

[aharui] forgot a file on the JS side

[pent] Updates to build scripts to allow examples to build.

[pent] Changed location of Google Closure library.

[piotrz] Added Polish language to FlexJS

[pent] Adding PieChart which required moving some core interfaces from FlexJSJX project to
FlexJSUI project. PieChart uses SVG to draw its wedges (still a to-do item for BarChart).

[pent] Added PieChart to the BarChart example.

[pent] Added README.txt files to a number of the FlexJS examples.

[pent] Added TitleBarView and changed how Panel handles sizing.

[erik] Initial VF2JS commit.

[erik] VF2JS example projects.

[erik] Add mxmlc(.bat) with VF2JS paths.

[erik] Add VF2JS Flash Builder launch config.

[erik] Minor update, still very much a work in progress ;-)

[erik] Moving VF2JS examples; build targets no longer needed.

[erik] Moved VF2JS examples to 'vf2js' directory.

[erik] Add some of the 'legal' stuff needed to make an Apache release later on.

[erik] Initial commit of build scripts for 'source' and 'binary' release of VF2JS.

[erik] Slightly updated ;-)

[erik] Moved VF2JS JS framework so it doesn't interfere with possible FlexJS overlay on same

[erik] Rename to better represent it's function.

[erik] A bit more structure...

[erik] No need for this (for now).

[erik] Combined build and install script - initial commit.

[erik] Forgot to include the 'mx' target.

[erik] Adjustments to make FB launch config work properly.

[erik] Updated and refactored build files.

[erik] Simplified and clarified launch config tokens.

[erik] It's slowly starting to look like something that might be useful...

[erik] Create proper default for PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME.

[erik] Better...

[erik] Added release targets, now ready for nightly builds.

[pent] Updated formatting beads with the introduction of a FormatBase that is implemented
natively in JS and AS.

[aharui] update release version

[aharui] fix asdoc issue

[aharui] ant script to build FlexJS release candidates, including uploading to dist.apache.org,
adding to the installer, tagging the repo, and mailto to the mailing list.

[pent] Replaced use of eval with property index.

[pent] Changed BarChart (actually BoxItemRenderer) to use SVG on the JavaScript side to draw
the bars. This meant changing a little of the infrastructure to be a little more generic.

[aharui] FLEX-34460 fix air install on windows

[aharui] add release targets

[pent] Updated FlexJS chart library with StackedChart and refactored interfaces.

[pent] Updated chart example with new StackedChart.

[pent] Changed BarChartLayout to produce horizontal bars and added ColumnChart (and ColumnChartLayout)
for vertical bar charts. JavaScript version not complete.

[pent] Modifications to the chart layouts to account for null or missing axes on JavaScript

[pent] Renamed "StackedChart" to "StackedColumnChart" and created StackedBarChart.

[pent] Replaced XAxisBead and YAxisBead with HorizontalCategoryAxisBead and VerticalCategoryAxisBead.

[bigosmallm] Fix build issues on Windows.

[pent] Updated BarChartExample to reflect new changes in the SDK.

[pent] Changed the examples' build file to set the SWF HTML wrapper at 100% x 100%. This is
what happens in Flash Builder and I don't see any adverse effects from doing this.

[pent] Added VerticalLinearAxisBead and HorizontalLinearAxisBead to the chart portion of the
FlexJS SDK. Adjusted the chart layouts to allow for two axes.

[pent] Added linear axis beads to the BarChartExample.

[bigosmallm] Added the first set of vector graphic drawing classes.

[bigosmallm] Added the new classes to FlexJSUIClasses.as

[bigosmallm] Use addElement() instead of addChild()

[bigosmallm] Fix formatting of style attribute + add fill-opacity attribute

[pent] Added LineChart with two layouts; renamed some chart classes. Changed how lists (which
includes charts) generate the itemRenderers - it is now up to the layout to create them as

[pent] Replaced BarChartExample with ChartExample; compiles AS only for now.

[bigosmallm] Draw moar stuff!

[pent] Some refactoring: created a base class for chart layouts (ChartBaseLayout) to make
drawing graphics a little easier and more consistent.

[bigosmallm] Add some variety in rect shapes and colors

[bigosmallm] Don't extend UIBase.  Just create an SVG element in the constructor.

[bigosmallm] Adjust the x and y of the rect to account for the stroke weight

[bigosmallm] Firefox and IE11 needs a unit ('px') when specifying position values

[bigosmallm] Add Ellipse

[bigosmallm] Draw a few ellipses

[bigosmallm] Include Ellipse in FlexJSUIClasses.as

[bigosmallm] Clean up Rect

[bigosmallm] Add a new method getStyleStr

[bigosmallm] Remove redundant fill-opacity attribute

[bigosmallm] Draw circles!

[bigosmallm] Revert changes to these files (was not supposed to commit it)

[bigosmallm] Path now works - only on JS side.  Need to figure out AS side.

[bigosmallm] Set scale to 1,1

[pent] Fixed issues uncovered by gjslint.

[pent] gjslint uncovered a couple more issues.

[bigosmallm] Added support for 'a' and 'A' params in the Path API

[bigosmallm] Add CapsStyle.SQUARE and JointStyle.MITER so that the borders look more like
the SVG version

[bigosmallm] Fix how we resize the parent svg element.

[bigosmallm] If fill or stroke is null, handle it correctly

[pent] FlexJS chart package now uses FlexJS core/graphics for the charts' graphics. This commit
moves the platform-specific itemRenderers to FlexJSJX project where they can be cross-compiled
into JavaScript classes. Updated ChartExample to build JS version.

[pent] Fixed gjslint issues.

[bigosmallm] Set Application.stageQuality to HIGH_16X16_LINEAR

[pent] Fixed issue with List-based components where the itemRenderers were either being created
when they should not or weren't being laid out properly. Still some tuning to do, but Lists
and Charts should be working well.

[pent] Removed the border and scrollbars from JS charts.

[bigosmallm] Add new class GraphicsContainer.  Lets you draw shapes inside it.

[bigosmallm] Fill now implements IFill.  Stroke now implements IStroke.

[pent] Addressed issues found by gjslint and jshint.

[pent] Fixes issues with DataGrid and ButtonBar due to change in how layouts apply itemRenderers.

[bigosmallm] Added support for LinearGradient on AS3 side.  JS version, up next

[bigosmallm] Remove unnecessary trace

[bigosmallm] More shapes

[bigosmallm] Add fix for non-Chrome browsers

[bigosmallm] Add support for LinearGradient for AS and JS versions.

[pent] ListView, JavaScript version, wasn't taking into account a layout that may already
exist and was allow two layouts to exist on the strand.

[pent] Corrects issues uncovered by gjslint and jshint.

[pent] Convert FlexJS chart package to use IFill and IStroke for itemRenderers.

[pent] Update ChartExample with recent changes to FlexJS chart package.

[bigosmallm] Better name for gradients

[bigosmallm] Remove reference to IChartItemRenderer.fillColor as that property does not exist.
 This fixes the FlexJSJX build.

[aharui] add stateChangeComplete event

[aharui] refactor Panel so it doesn't have to link in ControlBar

[aharui] add percentproxy metadata

[aharui] need ToggleButton

[aharui] add VContainer and HContainer

[aharui] switch TitleBarView to MXML

[aharui] allow PanelView as MXML tag and allow its TitleBar to be overridden

[aharui] add some new effects and base classes and interfaces for effects

[aharui] add CurrencyFormatter

[aharui] add helper for wipe effect

[aharui] add container events

[aharui] add maxChars

[aharui] add inline style support

[aharui] add new components and views needed by FlexStore

[aharui] add a scrolling container view

[aharui] allow for non-selectable renderers

[aharui] forgot to impl interface

[aharui] add more style props

[aharui] try to get this working

[aharui] add an ImageButton

[aharui] add a CallLaterBead

[aharui] initial drag/drop implementation

[aharui] fix text databinding

[aharui] show close button in example

[aharui] switch to asjs sdk for compiling swcs so we can generate the new code for MXML components

[aharui] allow override of desitination so SimpleBinding can be used for non-strands

[aharui] add convertColor

[aharui] add a parent API

[aharui] IUIBase should extend IEventDispatcher

[aharui] also watch for layoutNeeded

[aharui] refactor ILayoutParent into IScrollingLayoutParent

[aharui] add x to close button

[aharui] allow as bead of view as well as component

[aharui] custom databinding or MXMLBeadViewBase

[aharui] declarative invalidation of layout

[aharui] custom layout of title bars and other stretchy things

[aharui] get MXMLBeadViewBase up and running.  Allows Views to be specified in MXML

[aharui] titlebar in MXML

[aharui] new components to get TitleBar to work in MXML

[aharui] new layout for titlebar

[aharui] expose host property in views

[aharui] add a few more styles

[aharui] support inline styles

[aharui] use 'inherit' for fontWeight

[aharui] allow override of destination in ConstantBinding as well

[aharui] fix bug

[aharui] move TitleBarView to FlexJSJX

[aharui] change TitleBar to use beads.  It won't work until I fix other things, but it is
a start

[aharui] get rid of DisplayObject and DisplayObjectContainer dependencies in ILayoutParent

[aharui] move components that look like they can be cross-compiled

[aharui] fix components after moving them

[aharui] handle null in 'is' or 'as'

[aharui] models must implement IBeadModel

[aharui] add missing property

[aharui] don't assume model and view

[aharui] fix bug in margin handling

[aharui] add new prop and fix inheritance

[aharui] allow bindings to have different destinations

[aharui] compensate for JS codegen

[aharui] use host

[aharui] panel should pull beads from css

[aharui] add getElement and numElements

[aharui] change timing of adding chrome

[aharui] fix how we generate MXML properties to match AS side

[aharui] add missing interfaces

[aharui] add close button

[aharui] add ContainerView

[aharui] make closebutton smaller.  Still ugly

[aharui] handle more cases

[aharui] handle text-align

[aharui] handle text-align

[aharui] don't bind both html and text for now

[aharui] handle padding

[aharui] handle autosizing better

[aharui] lint

[aharui] adjust timing of properties and valuesImpl init

[aharui] ListView needs to be IScrollingLayoutParent

[aharui] use host

[aharui] more attempts to fix autosizing

[aharui] restore old way of making renderers for now

[aharui] hack ButtonBar into compiling cleanly.  Probably needs revisiting

[aharui] add platform abstraction so databinding impls can cross-compile

[pent] Added ListPresentationModel to hold UI display properties for lists. Changed the DataGrid
to share its presentation model among its List columns.

[aharui] more beads needed by FlexJSStore

[aharui] add IMXMLDocument interface

[aharui] add margin styles

[aharui] don't require all objects to have id properties

[aharui] add length prop

[aharui] silence binding warnings

[aharui] also create fx:Declaration instances

[aharui] add more change events, and tweak names of a few events

[pent] Updating DataGrid to restore separation of itemRenderer generation from layout. Modified
DataGridPresentionModel to extend ListPresentationModel. Updated JS version of ButtonBarLayout.

[aharui] fix ant bug making dirs

[aharui] if no ILayoutParent, assume strand is ContentView

[aharui] ToggleButtonModel is also ITextModel

[aharui] handle child descriptors differently.  Push them into child container so child can
generate when needed

[aharui] switch target to be string reference

[aharui] these need to be event dispatchers

[aharui] handle initial state

[aharui] handle stateGroups

[aharui] Container should have default border bead

[aharui] handle initial state

[aharui] need to get model this way in case it hasn't been instantiated and placed on beads
list yet

[aharui] get model directly

[aharui] some children are not display objects.  Might be an fx:Declaration

[aharui] handle vent handlers in states

[aharui] parse styles as strings

[aharui] need to set styleparent

[aharui] handle state vars on the top tag

[aharui] use valueChange instead of valueChanged

[pent] Refactored charts to use new DataItemRendererFactoryForSeriesData to produce the itemRenderers
for the charts.

[pent] Added JavaScript versions of newly added ActionScript chart elements.

[aharui] don't need to override x,y getters

[aharui] also init styles in the main document

[aharui] layouts need to be IBeadLayout

[aharui] BasicLayout

[aharui] don't lock in a default size for images

[aharui] handle no border

[aharui] handle percentages in layout

[aharui] needs to be IEventDispatcher to support binding

[aharui] handle being a bead on a component as well as a view

[aharui] send size change events if needed when image arrives

[aharui] handle more than one fx:style block

[aharui] fix when we set the width of children

[aharui] fix sizing logic

[aharui] also need to listen for layoutNeeded

[aharui] new databinding impls

[aharui] try to fix nightly

[pent] Adding missing JS-side infrastructure functions.

[pent] Convert chart axis classes to flex.core.graphics for axis line and tick marks. Axis
classes can now specify axis line Stroke and axis tick mark Stroke.

[pent] JavaScript version of axis changes that use flex.core.graphics for renderer axis and
tick marks.

[bigosmallm] Add cross-compile target to MobileTrader example

[bigosmallm] Add DateChooserExample to build script.  Remove FormatExample (compile errors)
and StatesTest (no results)

[bigosmallm] Fixed a few compile errors that Flash Builder caught in FlexJSJX and FlexJSUI

[pent] Updates to get JavaScript chart axis classes drawn using flex.core.graphics package.
Removed unused chart view classes.

[bigosmallm] Add FXG graphic style graphic shape declarations

[bigosmallm] Add core.graphics shapes to basic-manifest.xml

[bigosmallm] Rect has moved to basic-manifest.xml

[bigosmallm] Update Shape classes to support declaration in MXML

[bigosmallm] Update how we draw from AS3

[bigosmallm] Fix Chart classes to accommodate for recent drawing API changes

[pent] Fixed jslint and jshint issues.

[bigosmallm] Fix BoxItemRenderer to accommodate for drawing api changes

[bigosmallm] Add MouseEvent

[bigosmallm] First cut of a skin in FlexJS.  Add FlatSpark classes to bring in that style's

[bigosmallm] Intercept various flash.events.MouseEvent types and throw their FlexJS equivalents

[bigosmallm] Remove ambiguity of MouseEvent reference.

[bigosmallm] Fix resize/reposition logic

[bigosmallm] Cleanup states definitions

[bigosmallm] Fix typo

[aharui] fix JSON handling

[aharui] remove padding from titlebar

[aharui] fix currencyformatter

[aharui] offset label using margin instead of padding

[aharui] handle 'this' in property chain

[aharui] fix height calculation

[aharui] refactor panel and containerview to share more code

[aharui] set size on bitmap if needed

[aharui] fix PropertyWatchers in chains.  They don't need to listen to a parent PropertyWatcher

[aharui] teach constantbinding to handle static constants

[aharui] teach containerdatabinding to use constantbinding in more cases.  Also fix single
watcher scenario

[aharui] change bead strand setting to be top-down.

[aharui] don't get fooled by some generic bindings

[aharui] handle more than just models

[aharui] fix width/height handling in Label

[aharui] adjust vertical positioning logic

[aharui] handle more events that require layout

[aharui] handle ILayoutChild in layouts so we don't lock in sizes

[aharui] get this to size better

[aharui] shouldn't be necessary, getter should pick it up

[aharui] smarter sizing of content area

[aharui] rewrite to assume a single child as the content area

[aharui] add in basic layouts

[aharui] add FlexibleFirstChild to manifest

[aharui] Fix wrong variable

[aharui] switch to interfaces so it works on Buttons

[aharui] get basic tooltip up

[aharui] fix reading from write-only properties

[aharui] this was fixed by making the backing variable protected

[aharui] Drag/Drop now works

[bigosmallm] Dispatch initBindings event, mirroring the AS version

[bigosmallm] Set currentState in init as a workaround

[bigosmallm] Add initialStateHandler_ method and corresponding event

[bigosmallm] FB caught these compile errors

[bigosmallm] Prevent event loop by checking for exact type of the mouse event (flash.events.MouseEvent
vs. org.FlexJSUI/src/org/apache/flex/events/MouseEvent)

[pent] Fixed jslint and jshint issues.

[pent] Small modifications to the FlexJS chart axis code to have the <svg> elements
have proper width and height values that Safari recognizes and other browsers ignore (or at
least, work with).

[pent] Modified ChartBaseLayout to use IChartDataGroup interface rather than concrete class.

[pent] Added graphics-optimized versions of itemRenderers to use SVG more efficiently.

[pent] Modified the JavaScript GraphicsContainer to set the width and height attribute on
the <svg> element so Safari will renderer it correctly.

[aharui] clean up a comment

[aharui] add initial value to prevent a few unnecessary layout passes

[aharui] don't need childrenAdded call for containers that are IMXMLDocuments

[aharui] beginnings of major overhaul to use org.apache.flex.events.MouseEvent instead of
flash.events.MouseEvent.  The 'killer' needed to be moved to the capture phase on the stage.
 Some changes related to layout optimizations such as supressing some change events is included
in this commit

[aharui] use org.apache.flex.events.MouseEvent instead of flash.display.MouseEvent, but make
org.apache.flex.events.MouseEvent extend from org.apache.flex.events.Event because some existing
code has the type of the event as just Event instead of MouseEvent.  Just using Event resolves
now to org.apache.flex.events.Event.  This is needed so the cross-compile isn't referencing
flash.events.* classes, but means we have to copy properties from the original flash MouseEvent.

[aharui] make layout a bit smarter about how often it runs.  If a component as explicitWidth/Height
or percentWidth/Height, it now waits until it is sized before doing the first layout pass.
 But if the component needs to size to content, it does the first layout when children are

[aharui] in some configs the mouse event doesn't have these properties

[aharui] DOMPathUtil was in a package called 'debug' which was somehow ignored by git.  I
don't see it in .gitignore, but I changed the package name so it would be visible

[aharui] fix compile errors in tests

[pent] Added Text to the FlexJS core.graphics package.

[aharui] upgrade AddItems to share instances they've created so they don't get re-instantiated

[aharui] upgrade mouse event conversion logic.  hopefully now all bugs are fixed

[aharui] allow mouse hit on check and radio graphics

[aharui] don't re-do everything when re-parented

[aharui] use a real structure when sharing data

[aharui] Some lists don't need to draw highlight and selection states

[aharui] tolerate exceptions

[aharui] handle generic constant binding

[aharui] handle source changes

[aharui] somehow host was null but dragImage wasn't

[aharui] be smarter about when ContentArea is resized

[aharui] change default duration

[aharui] fix bug in startup

[aharui] teach generic binding to handle deferred instances

[aharui] states need to handle state-dependent events

[aharui] fix sizing of DDL

[aharui] SCV shares model with ScrollBar

[aharui] fix border drawing

[aharui] reset vars after drop

[aharui] Need to handle non-IUIBases

[aharui] null gets passed in when reverting states

[aharui] save a layout pass and just hook up events

[aharui] upgrade to selenium 2.44

[aharui] try to fix align right

[aharui] some targets are not IUIBase

[aharui] add optional flag to addElement to control notifications

[aharui] fix autosizing

[aharui] try this sizing logic

[aharui] add multiline textfield view

[erik] Added FP 12 - 15 swfversion conditions

[erik] Remove obsolete files

[erik] Scripts to create a JS version of the Flex SDK

[erik] Updated .gitignore to exclude generated files

[erik] PlayerGlobalToJS AIR app

[aharui] fix which parent is used for adding/removing items

[aharui] add a layout that has only one stretchy thing

[aharui] handle ioerror

[aharui] add styles that give out change events

[aharui] fix wipe effect

[aharui] fix platform wiper

[aharui] fix id handling on objects

[aharui] add visible to IUIBase

[aharui] states with transitions

[aharui] fix additems bug

[aharui] deeper copy of assets

[aharui] FlexJSStore works well enough to try to make it work on JS.  Drag/Drop, ToolTips,
States with Transitions are functional

[erik] Removed unnecessary dependencies (fix for 'lookupOnly' issue made these obsolete)

[aharui] attempt JS compile

[aharui] add rect to swc

[aharui] wipe needs to use this rect

[aharui] move Transition to FlexJSJX

[aharui] need to override clone and present a different method to be overridden without creating
a dependency on flash classes

[aharui] fix up events to use FlexJS Event

[aharui] override a few more default types in Falcon

[aharui] get asdoc working again

[aharui] add asdoc to MXML class

[aharui] override more default classes in Falcon generated code

[aharui] needs to extend EventDispatcher to be cross-compiled

[aharui] ASDoc parser complained about this example not being proper XML

[aharui] try out new annotations to optimize JS cross-compile

[aharui] keep asdoc nodes to allow for optimization

[aharui] sync up StatesImpl with the AS version

[aharui] add JS versions of AS classes

[aharui] move ToolTipBead to FlexJSJX

[aharui] add a way to get top level event dispatcher

[aharui] Move Drag/Drop controllers to FlexJSJX

[aharui] more missing classes

[aharui] allow writing of className via the interface

[aharui] add ImageAndTextButton and MultiLineLabel

[aharui] switch to using entire components instead of injecting beads because JS implementations
will be simple wrappers

[aharui] more new JS components and beads

[aharui] break linters into own targets so you can run individually

[aharui] lint

[aharui] fix up state-dependent deferred instantiation (phase 1).  Phase 2, shared-instances,
due next

[aharui] one last lint error

[aharui] fix form example

[christofer.dutz] Added targets for building and deploying Maven artifacts

[aharui] handle ++

[aharui] should be public

[aharui] I guess these aren't getter/setter in Flash

[aharui] needed default prop to compile FlexJSStore correctly

[aharui] fix bug caught by GCL

[aharui] fix warnings from GCC

[aharui] lint

[pent] Updated FlexJS chart package with refurbished optimized-chart classes.

[pent] Tuning the Javascript version of FlexJS charts.

[erik] Don't need ASDoc from 'TLF' either

[erik] Needed placeholder classes for these namespaces as well

[erik] Special case 'int' to 'INT' to avoid collision with build in JS 'class'

Started by user cdutz
Building remotely on windows1 (Windows) in workspace <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/>
Cloning the remote Git repository
Cloning repository https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-asjs.git
 > git init <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/>
Fetching upstream changes from https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-asjs.git
 > git --version
 > git fetch --tags --progress https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-asjs.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git config remote.origin.url https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-asjs.git
 > git config remote.origin.fetch +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git config remote.origin.url https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-asjs.git
Fetching upstream changes from https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-asjs.git
 > git fetch --tags --progress https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-asjs.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git rev-parse "origin/develop^{commit}"
Checking out Revision 87a25c255ab93ca192daca9de8eb4aa26a389c33 (origin/develop)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout
 > git checkout -f 87a25c255ab93ca192daca9de8eb4aa26a389c33
 > git rev-list 284187bdf11b40c926fe8c1cb4ece3d1ae06d748
[flex-asjs] $ cmd.exe /C '"f:\hudson\hudson-slave\tools\hudson.tasks.Ant_AntInstallation\ant-1.8.2\bin\ant.bat
-file build.xml release-jenkins create-md5 package-sdk && exit %%ERRORLEVEL%%"'
Buildfile: <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/build.xml>

     [echo] PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME is <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/../flex-sdk/lib/player>
     [echo] playerglobal.version is 11.1
     [echo] playerglobal.swc is <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/../flex-sdk/lib/player/11.1/playerglobal.swc>

     [echo] AIR_HOME is <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/../flex-sdk/air/AIR>
Integration Kit

     [echo] FLEX_HOME is <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/../flex-sdk>

     [echo] FALCON_HOME is <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/../flex-falcon/compiler/generated/dist/sdk>

     [echo] FALCONJX_HOME is <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/../flex-falcon/compiler.jx>

     [echo] OS: Windows Server 2008 / 6.0 / amd64
     [echo] VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM / 21.0-b17
     [echo] Java: 1.7.0
     [echo] Ant: Apache Ant(TM) version 1.8.2 compiled on December 20 2010 Ant Java Version:







     [echo] playerglobal.version = 11.1



     [echo] playerglobal.version = 11.1













     [echo] playerglobal.version = 11.1
















     [echo] FLEX_HOME = <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/asdoc/../../flex-sdk>
     [echo] flexlib = <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/frameworks>
     [echo] doc_output = <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/asdoc-output>
     [echo] compiler.source-path = <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/frameworks\as\projects/FlexJSUI/src>
     [echo] compiler.source-path = <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/frameworks\as\projects/FlexJSJX/src>



     [echo] build.number is 20141128



     [copy] Copying 1 file to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/frameworks>


     [copy] Copying 1 file to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/frameworks>


     [copy] Copying 14 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp>

     [copy] Copying 481 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\frameworks\as>
     [echo] Updating config file air-config.xml with version
     [echo] Updating config file flex-config.xml with version
    [mkdir] Created dir: <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/frameworks\js\FlexJS\libs>

     [copy] Copying 220 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\frameworks\js\FlexJS\src>
     [copy] Copying 2 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\frameworks\js>
     [copy] Copying 1 file to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\asdoc>
     [copy] Copying 2 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\ide>
     [copy] Copying 4 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\js\bin>
     [copy] Copying 282 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\examples>


     [copy] Copying 4 files to <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/temp\scripts>

    [mkdir] Created dir: <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/out>
      [zip] Building zip: <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/out\apache-flex-flexjs-0.0.3-src.zip>

      [tar] Building tar: <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/out\apache-flex-flexjs-0.0.3-src.tar.gz>




     [echo] env.USERNAME is: HUDSON-WIN$
     [echo] copying last flashlog.txt from ${FLASHLOG}

<https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/build.xml>:103: Warning: Could not find
file <https://builds.apache.org/job/flex-asjs/ws/${FLASHLOG}> to copy.

Total time: 7 seconds
Build step 'Invoke Ant' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts
Sending artifact delta relative to flex-asjs #237
Archived 2 artifacts
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