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From Ed Cable <>
Subject Which reports would you like to generate from Android Field Officer App?
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2018 06:33:01 GMT
Hi all,

Aksh, as part of his GSOC project working Android Field Officer App 5.0, is
working on generating reports from the mobile field operations app. We'd
like for any partners or financial institutions to share which reports
they'd like to be able to generate and view from the mobile field
operations app.

In order to optimize viewing of the report on a mobile device, we'll also
need to re-design these existing reports so please also share what
information you'd like to display in the report and we'll design and build
a new report specific to mobile devices.

Also, what format would you like to view the report - just be displayed in
the app or downloaded as PDF.

Tarun, can you share how far you got in your implementation last year?



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