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From Ed Cable <>
Subject Fineract CN Functional Spec for Group Lending Support
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2018 23:51:47 GMT
Hello all,

I want to put this out to the community to assist with so we can move
forward with implementing group lending support on Fineract CN which is one
of the key paths forward with parity between Fineract CN and Fineract 1.x.

Can you please help draft the spec for group-based operational methodologies

It's also a barrier for students who are applying to a potential GSOC
project around a web UI for group lending support.

We have more than a decade of learning and knowledge of implementing proper
group lending support from our original gen 1 software (Mifos 2.x) and our
gen 2 software (Mifos X/Fineract 1.x) so I don't want us to throw away all
that knowledge and think we have to completely re-invent the wheel.

However I do want us take the learnings we implemented from the transition
to Gen 1 to Gen 2 as well as the learnings/improvements we want to make off
of Gen 2. We also want to bear in mind not just support traditional
JLGs/Solidarity groups but also Savings Groups, Village Banking, Self Help
Groups, etc.

I know that across the community we have both technical as well as
operational individuals who are experts in these matters so I really want
to challenge you all to assist the community in this regard. To get
everyone started, I'm putting in place a wiki page at
house the spec and also linking to all the past specs/pseudo-requirements
documents from before.

Generation 1 - Mifos 2.x

   - Group Accounts FS:
   - Center Accounts FS:
   - GLIM:
   - Loans:

Generation 2 - Mifos X

   - Groups API:
   - Groups & Centers User Manual:
   - Loan Tracking Strategies:
   - Group Loan FS (early-stage):
   - Self-Funded Groups:
      - Savings Groups per DreamStart Labs Requirements (Design for
      Fineract Data Model)
         - Savings Requirements v1.1
         Groups Requirements v1.1 Dreamstart Labs
         - Savings Groups User Stories
         - Savings Groups Estimates


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