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From Sendoro Juma <>
Subject Re: Customer Chat/Support Use Cases in Mobile and ONline Banking Apps
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2018 09:42:23 GMT
Hello Ed, 

My comment 

Isn't decision of which chat tool to use itself being extremely critical? 

Doesn't it qualify a sub-project on its own?, of which at the end of the day will bring out
a report that tells which one and why? 
There must some principle of choosing e.g. simplicity, licensing match, architecture similarity,
future of the tool etc... 


From: "Ed Cable" <> 
To: "dev" <>, "mifos-developer" <>,
"user" <>, "mifos-users" <>

Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2018 10:42:52 AM 
Subject: Customer Chat/Support Use Cases in Mobile and ONline Banking Apps 

Hello all, 
Part of the scope of a number of the GSOC projects we're exploring this summer is a customer
support/chat interface within the mobile banking and online banking apps. We wanted to discuss
potential use cases with the community for feedback as this chat/support interface would be
a part of three GSOC projects - the mobile banking app, online banking app, and the self-service
admin portal. 

>From the perspective of the client, the chat/customer support interface would allow them
to send asynchronous messages from a single view to all support staff of the financial institution.
From this single view, they should also be able to see a full history of the chat. If a client
has both the online and mobile banking app, the it should be the same unified chat view that
is shared across both apps. 

>From the perspective of the staff, 
- The respective staff should get notified of incoming chat messages (either if they're the
assigned loan officer, an admin or a designated support resource. 
- All respective staff that get notified should be able to respond uniquely as an individual
but responses from all staff should be in the same interface so it's like a one to many chat.

- Staff should receive these notifications and in the self-service admin portal there should
be a view for responding to incoming chat/support messages. 
- Al chat history should also be displayed in a new tab in the client record so a fully history
of communications can be viewed there. 

Can the community please provide feedback on these use cases, Is this a communication channel
that your client base would actually utilize? 

For the prospective GSOC aspirants, as discussed on the list, we need to identify an open
source tool that can be embedded in both the mobile and web apps. 

Raunak is going to be working on some mockups as well. 


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