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From Simon Matthews <>
Subject Re: Trying to run Fineract CN in the cloud
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2018 02:53:22 GMT

what Linux distribution are you running? Ubuntu?

I have run into a problem with one of the Javascript modules (node-sass, if
I recall correctly) on Ubuntu. This appears to be a known problem with the

Perhaps the Fineract CN team should find an alternative to using this


On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 5:06 PM, ramesh padmanabhan <> wrote:

> Hi Team,
> Let me clarify what I am trying to do with more details and also update
> you on where I am with this effort:
> Goal:
> - *What I have accomplished*: build and run Mifos I/O : local
> deployment(on my MAC)
> What I am currently trying:
> - *Trying to build and run the Mifos I/O demo server in the Cloud*,
> following instructions as per this document
> How+to+build+Fineract+CN
> *Environment: AWS instance : Large(2 cpu+ 8GB)*
> Upgrading to this larger instance appears to have eliminated some of the
> build errors I was seeing earlier.
> However, I see 2 issues that I need help with:
> - The build completes with these errors:
> <The following modules failed to build: test-accounting-portfolio >
> *Question*: Why does this module fail in the cloud instance but *not on
> my local MAC*(same memory size)
> - When  I execute the java command, I get an error
> java *-Ddemoserver.provision=true* -jar demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-
> If I execute 'java -jar demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar'
> this works.....
> *Question*: why does the -Ddemoserver.provision=true work on my local
> machine but not on the AWS instance ?
> *- Related Question:*
> Does anyone know how I can launch a web client(Chrome) on AWS ? I could
> not find easy to follow instructions anywhere on the web.
> I understand I need Chrome in order to run the user interface....(from npm
> i)
> Questions: Running in the Cloud(still to do)
> - I understand that 'demo server' cannot be used for production. However,
> I am just trying to get a working set going here.
> - I understand that the built in Cassandra/mySQL etc in the current image
> cannot scale for production usage and that I need to modify the yams files
> to separate instances... I still need to get to these
> Would appreciate help on any of these questions I have posted here......
> Thanks
> Ramesh

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