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From Ed Cable <>
Subject Introducing Maha Refai, Mifos Initiative volunteer, working on requirements for credit analytics
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2017 15:32:37 GMT
Hello community,

I wanted to introduce to you a new Mifos Initiative volunteer, Maha Refai
<>, who will be reaching out to
members of the community to document their requirements around credit and
risk analytics using artificial intelligence, machine learning and big

Maha Refai is currently the co-founder and Head of Product at Cognitev, a
startup based in UAE and Egypt using artificial intelligence to automate
digital marketing. After receiving her bachelor’s in Computer Science she
spent the past ten years primarily in product and project management in the
entertainment industry while also getting her MBA.

She will be reaching out to some of you directly and documenting her
findings on the wiki. But if you'd like to be part of this requirements
gathering process, please reply to this thread and we'll set up a call.

Based on her knowledge and expertise of artificial intelligence and machine
learning, she is going to help  develop a product management strategy for
both the current Apache Fineract platform and the upcoming Apache Fineract
CN application framework that identifies and prioritizes what are the
necessary microservices and modules that are part of the framework or
integrated with it to facilitate the capture of data, the analysis of it,
and the ability to make decisions upon the data.

In short, volunteer will help identify how these predictive analytical
tools along with big data can help make Mifos and Apache Fineract more of a
loan origination system, as well as means of developing a credit score to
manage and monitor ongoing credit risk. You can see below for some more of
the specific tasks she’ll be undertaking.


   Research on existing open source tools or libraries that could be
   integrated for machine learning such as weka.

   Research on alternative credit scoring tools that are in existence

   Interviews with existing community members to discuss systems they have
   implemented or how they’ve been able to do these data analysis using the
   existing Mifos toolset.

   Interviews with existing community members who have desires to implement
   credit scoring capabilities and big data analytics including stewarding
   these conversations over our community mailing lists and documenting
   requirements publicly

   Recommendations on a strategy of how to implement such features - either
   as core microservices or ancillary modules.

   User Stories on actual features to implement within the framework or

   Brainstorm and list out the insight and information that could be
   analyzed so we can understand what data about the customer, their behavior
   and their loans must be captured in the framework and platform.

*Ed Cable*
President/CEO, Mifos Initiative | Skype: edcable | Mobile: +1.484.477.8649

*Collectively Creating a World of 3 Billion Maries | *
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