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Subject Jdk version Compatible with Windows Server 2008
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2017 10:52:51 GMT

I installed Mifos X 17.07.01 RELEASE to my server with the Windows Server
2008 as OS. For Java I installed jdk 1.8_152 which is compatible with
Windows Server 2008.

When I run Mifos X, it starts well but when I create Offices, after 17
offices the system doesn’t show the list of offices and doesn’t allow to
create more offices. And when offices are not displayed even products, most
of the reports are not visible.

I tried to put that java version on my local machine and the same thing
happens. I have also tried to use jdk 1.8_151 and the problem is still

On my local machine with Windows 8.1 I installed jdk 1.8_121 and it works
perfectly. But jdk 1.8_121 is not compatible with Windows 2008.

What java version can I use on Windows 2008?

Thank you.

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