Hi all,

I also forgot to add that during this week's GSOC showcase, Alex, will also be demoing his work on two factor authentication.

Register down below.


On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 5:18 PM, Ed Cable <edcable@mifos.org> wrote:
Hello everyone,

Since we didn't get to showcase all of the work of our GSOC students during the last meetup, we're doing Part 2 of our Showcase. Most of these showcases will be on our Web App.

Here's the link to register for the meeting at 1200GMT on Thursday, Aug 31: 

This time around we'll be showcasing the following:

- Enhancements to the Mifos X Web App by Gopala
- Enhancements to the Notifications Framework by Courage
- Offline Browser-Based Access by Mohit
- Consumer Mobile Wallet by Naman
- Enhancements to the Data Import Tool by Kumaranath
- Mobile Money Gateway by Vladimir

Our Apache Fineract interns, Nikhil and Sanyam will be showcasing the following:

- Credit Bureah Integration and GSIM an GLIM by Nikhil
- Swagger API Documentation by Sanyam 

Since GSOC is now wrapping up, we'll also have our final showcase of all the completed work on September 7 at 1200GMT via GoToTraining. 



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