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From Ed Cable <>
Subject Fwd: Initial Draft for collection sheet
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2017 21:13:07 GMT

These are beautiful designs for the mobile interface for the collection
sheet. You're an exceptionally talented designer so thank you for taking
your time to work on these to assist Tarun in his GSOC project.

I'm adding this to the public list so the entire community can give
feedback if they'd like.

Community, Raunak (our GSOC intern working on the web self-service app) has
in his spare time worked on UI design and mockups for the collection sheet
interface for the Android Field Officer app that Tarun is implementing.
This design is valuable for both Generation 2 and ultimately Generation 3
so I encourage any and all community members to give feedback on this
design as it's valuable for any type of bulk entry of savings, loans, data
via a mobile device.

Here are couple questions/suggestions from my end:

- I really like the usage of color to show progress of filling out.
- Since collection sheet is exception-based (i.e. where the data entry
person only has to edit the payment amount if the client paid none or less
at the meeting) In these cases could we show that the amount is different
by having the colored circle be red or yellow or having the text amount be
red or yellow.
- For clients that have multiple loan or savings accounts that collections
are being made for, what are your suggestions on how to display those
amounts without requiring horizontal scrolling
- Is it correct that in your proposed mockups, a user can go back and forth
at will to clients at the top of the list to re-edit the payment amount
before submitting.
- Data is only submitted at the end, not when they click next? or is data
being submitted each time Next is pressed.


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From: Raunak Sett <>
Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 1:00 PM
Subject: Initial Draft for collection sheet
To: Ed Cable <>,

Hello, please find the draft of the mocks attached for individual
collection sheet, let's have a call for feedback and suggestions on the

Key points:

   - Comprehensive and less cluttered collection sheet
   - Expanded list items rather than navigating to other screen and losing
   - a seamless way of filling up the collection sheet, not going back and
   forth between screens and next takes you to the next individual to fill up
   their payment details
   - Easily searchable list for officer to fill details for a particular
   - Feedback for the officer, able to see how much of the collection sheet
   is filled, what users are pending.

We can discuss further but above are the few key points behind this ux that
I felt.
@Ed can you add rajan, ishan, denilia or anyone else to this thread, so we
can get more feedback and suggestions.

Raunak Sett

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