Hello Mifos and Apache Fineract communities,.

Raunak Sett will be working on a web self-service app leveraging the Apache Fineract Self-Service APIs for his 2017 GSOC project. He's working under the mentorship of Vinay, Gaurav, and Maulik and has also been supported by Pater Kakoma who has begun work on the self-service web app requirements and architecture.

If you are an implementer or user of the software and are looking to offer a web-based self-service (i.e. online banking interface) for your clients, please share your requirements and join this discussion

I'm adding the Mifos and Apache Fineract dev lists to this thread that was started by Raunak after their kick-off meeting today. I'm also adding Nazeer who can handle questions regarding the API and adding Denila who's been working on specs for the Android Self-Service App.

See my replies to previous questions inline. 

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 7:22 PM, Peter Kakoma <kakoma@kanzucode.com> wrote:
Thanks for the capturing the conversation so well Raunak.

The timelines are going to be shortened quite significantly since I'll be working with Raunak on this so there'll be a bit of time at the end to add extra features. We'll check progress weekly and re-assign priorities/change targets based on our progress.

@Gaurav, @Ed, number 1 is quite crucial; should we build assuming a self-service account can be attached to more than one account?

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 9:37 PM, Raunak Sett <sett.raunak@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello all,
It was really nice talking to all of you over the call. I'm sending this email as an update and the key takeaways of the call.

1. Peter pointed out that we can have multiple accounts attached to the self-service account which I know is functionally possible as the self-service user is a user account which can be linked to multiple clients. But is it the case that a self-service account is connected to multiple client accounts. Peter pointed out that the demo self-service account is connected to multiple clients. We would like to verify that.

[Ed] There have been some discussions on this in the past but it still hasn't been made fully clear from the API documentation. The self-service APIs are designed to also support agent channels which would be linked to multiple clients. However for the use case of our client-facing web and Android self-service apps it will be a one to one client ration as the self-service user will only access their client account and the financial accounts that belong to the client. So the first thing a client authenticated a self-service user is their accounts and not having to select from a list of clients.

2. We would require to finalize user stories for the web self-service app and accommodate and update the timelines. I'm adding the link that @Ed has shared with me over another email thread This is for the android self-service[https://mifosforge.jira.com/wiki/display/projects/Self-Service+Android+Application+Product+Document] We should update the self-service web application on JIRA page too.

[Ed] Yes, please create a separate wiki page for the web self-service app add requirements to that. We'll then have corresponding tickets related to each task that are tracked in GitHub issues. If you need access to Balsamiq for mockups, please let me know and I'll provide an account.

For any Apache Fineract APIs or features that are required to support the web self-service app, please create those as tickets in the Apache Fineract JIRA - some issues that come to mind include self-service self-user creation and surveys framework integration. 
3. @Peter had a question on submission of the loan application that was listed as a feature. The backend for it is ready. [https://demo.openmf.org/api-docs/apiLive.htm#selfloanapply]  
4. @Peter has already put up a great barebone architecture he would be reviewing some points on the frontend architecture.
5. @Vinay would be going through the documents and scope and will have a followup call with me with his insights and feedback.
6. @Ed if we can discuss with everyone a final scope and I'd like to complete the mockups before actually starting. And would love to get them reviewed by the community and get feedback. So that we can completely focus on the implementation.

[EC] Continuing the process for community discussion here on this public thread. We should also ensure that skinnability (or at least customization of logos is possible)

7. I believe we could get more done so I was thinking about incorporating a little offline support as well. So if we could add it to the scope. would love everyones feedback on the suggestion. I had discussed a little with @Gaurav 

[Ed] +1 from me for offline support too. 

I'm really excited and looking forward to working with amazing people like you. 

Raunak Sett