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From Sampath Kumar G <>
Subject Re: Penalties on loans
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2016 15:37:00 GMT
Hi Lionel,

Can you please reproduce the same in and share
the URL of loan or loan account number.

On Dec 27, 2016 6:05 PM, "Lionel Raymundi - Poincenot" <>

> Hello list,
> I configured a penalty for loans, which consist of a percentage of the
> interest of the installment, applied *with daily recurrency*.
> [image: Imágenes integradas 2]
> I've noticed two things, which I found not clear and maybe you can help me
> 1) The penalties are applied to the corresponding installment up to one
> day after the duedate of the installement. I mean, if i have an installment
> with duedate january 1st, penalties will be applied to it until january
> 2nd. If the client does not repay the next day neither, Penalties
> corresponding to the 3rd will be applied to the next installment. Is this
> configurable? Can I set that all penalties are applied to the first
> installment which is not paid?
> 2) With the penalties configured as I did (percentage of interest, daily),
> the calculation is not working after the last installment duedate. It seems
> that a new installment is created after the last one, on which the
> penalties should be calculated, but I cant make it work. Below, I attach an
> image where you can see what I mean. All penalties are correctly calculated
> until December 21th. After that there is no more penalties applied... how
> can I fix that?
> [image: Imágenes integradas 1]
> Thanks in advance,
> Lionel

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