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From Ed Cable <>
Subject Mifos Initiative has been Accepted into Google Code-In
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2016 00:45:00 GMT
Hi Mifos and Apache Fineract communities,

The Mifos Initiative has been accepted as a mentoring org for the 2016
Google Code-In program. If you expressed an interest in mentoring
previously, I have sent you an invite via the Google Code-In dashboard.
Please confirm the invite and then you can begin adding tasks.

I'll be scheduling a kick-off hangout session for early this upcoming to
discuss mentoring. The call will like between 1400 and 1700GMT.

Tasks are listed in the Google Code-In portal and can reference an external
URL (jira issue, github issue, etc.) Tasks can also be denoted as a
beginner one which each student can only successfully complete once -
examples of these include our tasks for joining the community
<> - setting up build environment, joining mailing
lists, emailing an intro.

At the start we need at least 75 tasks and at any given time we should have
at least 150 tasks so students have an active pool of tasks to choose from.
Myself and Jacob will primarily be coming up with tasks related to outreach

As a reminder, tasks should take 3 to 5 hours to complete and they fall
into one of five categories. Historically, the types of tasks we have for
each category are as such.

As a reference, here are the tasks we had in 2014:

The initial 25 tasks for our application can be found at:

For each of the categories, I'll soon designate some captains/co-captains

*Coding*: since these must be 3 to 5 hours these will be small tasks. Good
ones include minor bugs, minor enhancements to the community app (changing
page layout, adding context sensitive help), minor enhancements to the
mobile apps,  enhancements to the data import tool, writing new reports,
writing new dashboards.

Each coding task we'll want to have linked to a corresponding issue in the
Fineract JIRA or an issue in GitHub if it relates to the community app, the
android app or the self-service app. A number of existing tasks in JIRA
will be useful for this but we'll want to clean them up and make them very
clear and straightforward.

Nayan, Adi, Rajan will be some of the captains for the coding tasks.

*UI*: doing mockups of new screens in the mobile app, mockups of new page
layouts for the web app, wireframes for the self-service web app, redesigns
of sections of our webpage,

Gaurav will be one of the captains here.

*Documentation/Training*: writing up a how-to (functional or technical),
writing up a section of the user manual, recording a video tutorial or
demo, making a set of training slides, taking screenshots of the system,
clean-up of the wiki etc.

Shreyank and Ed will be the leads for these

*QA*: manual regression testing, writing automated tests, etc.

Bharath and Santosh will guide these tasks.

*Outreach/Research - *these tasks include writing blog posts, designing
t-shirts, making powerpoints, enhancements to our website, market research,
social media work, salesforce/CRM administration, creating databases of
contacts, etc.

Ed and Jacob will be the captains for these.



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