Hi all,

We are making a few changes to the currently scheduled developer and user meetups.

For today's developer meeting scheduled for 1400GMT, we will be postponing it till next week and combining it with next week's user meetup on October 13 at 1430GMT. The change in schedule will give us time to present some of the finding and developments the core team has been making as we migrate from Hibernate to OpenJPA to make our first Apache-compliant release of Fineract.

So please if you were planning to attend today's meetup, register for this next Thursdays at https://attendee.gototraining.com/rt/6597896964898568705

We are also scheduling another user meetup for October on the 27th at 1500GMT and we'll have a special guest webinar from Alexandra Fiorillo presenting the finding and learnings of the groundbreaking research they did for UI/UX design for financial inclusion in Pakistan - http://www.karandaaz.com.pk/toolkit. She'll share their design toolkit and how this knowledge can be practically applied to all the front-end interface being built by partners to serve the Base of the Pyramid.

To attend the October 27 meetup, please click here to register: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/5555425813643812610

Ed Cable
Director of Community Programs, Mifos Initiative
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