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From "Adi Raju" <>
Subject RE: Data tables and Templates
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2016 04:48:33 GMT
Not an expert on moustache syntax, so cannot really answer your query.

I do not see any problem with the mapper you are using.





From: Steven Hodgson [] 
Sent: 08 September 2016 10:15
Subject: Re: Data tables and Templates


Quick follow-up:

Can client identifiers be included in the templates?

At, I have tried adding:

mapper:  ABC =  clients/{{clientId}}/identifiers?tenantIdentifier=default

field: {{ABC#0.documentKey}}

Is the indexing not allowed if the response is a JSON array?

Kind regards,



On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 7:44 PM, Steven Hodgson < <>
> wrote:

Awesome! Thanks Adi!

The generic result set structure works well.


Pada tanggal 7 Sep 2016 19.33, "Adi Raju" < <>
> menulis:

Hi Steven,


You can use datatables as part of templates.

As long as the mustache syntax is right and you have appended &tenantIdentifier= param
as part of the mapper query, you should get the results.







From: Steven Hodgson [ <>
Sent: 07 September 2016 17:43
To: <> 
Subject: Data tables and Templates



Is is possible to map Data Tables in the Templates / User Generated Documents?

The data tables return JSON Arrays, e.g.,
   "client_id": 1,
   "extra": "hello world"

I am trying to access this datatable (mapper key: dt) through the Templates, e.g.
{{#dt}} {{extra}}{{/dt}}, or {{dt#0.extra}}

But I am having zero luck (version 16.06). This closed issue seems to suggest this is possible,
and I found no other documentation. Any suggestions?

Kind regards,


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